Travail to Prevail


This is one of the most unique and inspiring books ever written on prayer. In it Joseph Mattera uses the Bible, memoirs from powerful revivalists, and personal experience to shed light upon the most effective (but least understood) form of intercession. This book dispels the idea that mere perfunctory prayer is enough to birth revival. The writer also shows the lifestyle change and personal sacrifice needed if Christians are truly going to bring global societal transformation. There has never been another book like this in recent memory! This book is a must for all believers who yearn to see God answer their prayers and move powerfully in their midst!

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It’s Time to Rewrite the Race, Religion and Gay Narrative

A narrative has been written by the powers that be, in the media and popular culture, which has successfully divided humanity into segments related to ethnicity, religious beliefs and sexual preference.  Consequently, neighbors of diverse backgrounds interact and view each “other” with a particular categorical lens replete with disdain because it assigns baggage and demonizes […]

The True Measure of Success in the Kingdom

It is evident there are many in the Body of Christ who attempt to integrate their Christian faith with the pursuit of happiness. Some have even gone so far as to have a theology of happiness, in which they obey or disobey Scripture based on what gives them the most happiness. Several years ago a […]

Ten Myths about Biblical Prosperity

There has been much written in recent years about the Christian’s role in producing wealth on the earth. The following are common misconceptions in the church regarding prosperity and wealth creation that need adjustment for us to have biblical balance & integrity, and experience transformation in our families, communities, and nations. I. Prosperity is automatic […]

Eight Ways We Can Represent God in this World

The greatest privilege believers have this side of heaven is our calling to represent God to this world. The following are some of the criteria the Bible lays out regarding this: 1. We are called to speak the oracles of God The apostle Paul said that he was called to manifest the word of God […]

Daily Blog

Personal Notes From Joseph Mattera

Daily Blog

Personal Notes From Joseph Mattera

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Christianity and the free market ethic

Christianity is not against markets but it is unalterably opposed to allowing the market and its false ethic to dictate the meaning of life Harvey Cox

how Christians will change the world

Christianity envisions a world culture built from the bottom up by the gentle action of the Spirit – not a culture imposed from the top by an imperial religion or a wealthy elite Harvey Cox

Money politics replaces democracy with plutocracy

with marketplace politics …the democratic idea of one person one vote is replaced by one dollor one vote and what appears to b a democracy becomes a plutocracy where the wealthiest groups control the society” Harvey Cox

Ministry Reports

Updates on Ministry Events

Ministry Reports

Updates on Ministry Events

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August 19-25, 2014

MMI Ministry Report Uganda August 19-25, 2014 I was excited to go back to Uganda to minister to the NDE Network of pastors and leaders. There were over 1,000 pastors who came out for five days of biblical training. About 600 of these pastors were bussed from some of the poorest rural areas of the […]

August 6-8, 2014

MMI Ministry Report Colombia August 6-8, 2014 On Wednesday August 6th I flew into Cali, Colombia to be one of the keynote speakers at the annual COICOM conference. COICOM started more than 20 years ago and is one of the largest and most effective conferences for pastors in all of Latin America. President and director […]

July 19-20, 2014

MMI Ministry Report Panama City, Panama July 19-20, 2014 I was excited to minister in a conference on the Kingdom of God hosted by Pastor Ricardo Herrera in Panama City with other speakers which included Dr. Myles Munroe. Saturday morning July 19 On Saturday morning I taught 100 Panamanian pastors and leaders on “The Historical […]

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