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"Failure is the parent of innovation."

This is a true statement because before every successful career or endeavor there are usually a multitude of failures to overcome. We all have to learn how to “fall forward.” This eBook will give you 12 surefire ways to turn your failure into success.

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Seven Things that Show How and Why Jesus Chose His Friends

When most people think of how to choose their friends they have more of a worldly, casual concept rather than a biblical one. In John 15:15 Jesus told his disciples He called them friends and not servants. Since the Kingdom of God is based upon relationship and not ministry, it is important we know how […]


The Ominous Trend towards a Human or Humanoid Hybrid Culture

As in most significant epochs in history (Luke 19:44), most people today are unaware that society has already crossed the most important threshold in over 100 years, since the advent of the airplane. The signs are already here. Of course, what I am speaking of (based on the title) is the nature, essence and significance […]


Seven Signs You Are Missing Your Calling

One of the biggest challenges in life is to stay focused upon the assignment the Lord has appointed for us. In life there are many adversaries and distractions that can take you off track so that your life misses the mark. This is called “mission drift.” Perhaps most people in this world have drifted from […]

Bruce Jenner seen arriving at Elton John concert at STAPLES Center in Los Angeles

Bruce Jenner and Human Design

Just recently Bruce Jenner admitted that he is injecting female hormones to transform into a woman. This is coming from a guy who was once a symbol of male prowess because of his glory days as a U.S. Olympic hero. His transformation is being celebrated by many celebrities and goes along with the pop-cultural trend […]

Daily Blog

Personal Notes From Joseph Mattera

Daily Blog

Personal Notes From Joseph Mattera

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Ten Reasons Many Contemporary Christian Worship Leaders Are Spiritually Bankrupt

The past several years there has been no shortage of prominent contemporary Christian leaders denouncing Christ either with their words or their actions. One time I ministered to a young man involved in the gospel music scene, and he confided in me that he almost lost his faith because of what he experienced when he […]

Clarence Thomas, Antonin Scalia, John G. Roberts, Anthony M. Kennedy, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayor, Stephen Breyer, Smauel Alito Jr., Elena Kagan

3 Horrible Supreme Court Decisions-Are We Heading For Another One?

The Supreme Court is about to make a landmark decision regarding making same sex marriage a federal law- thus overturning states rights in this important issue. The supreme courts final ruling will not neccesarily be the end of the cultural battle as we can see from three other landmark decisions that either were overturned or […]

US in decline

5 Reasons The USA Is In Serious Decline

The word of God tells us that the nation of Israel was disinherited because they turned away from God. Various sins were manifest in Israel including idolatry, sexual immorality, false prophets who promised peace, and so on. Regarding the USA, it happens to be the only other nation besides Israel (that we know of in […]

Ministry Reports

Updates on Ministry Events

Ministry Reports

Updates on Ministry Events

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April 2015

MMI Ministry Report April 2015 We had a great and productive April! Abundant Life Christian Church (Sunday morning) On Sunday April 19 I preached in the Abundant Life Church near Ocean City New Jersey. This is an AOG church with Walter Nistorenko as the lead pastor. This is a strategic church because of the apostolic […]


March 2015

MMI Ministry Report  March 2015 It’s hard to believe, but almost a quarter of the New Year has already passed! Time is going by fast because so much is taking place. The following is a brief summary report of the extensive ministry that took place this past month. Words of Life Church, New York City […]


January and February 2015

MMI Ministry Report January and February 2015 I thank God for the start of another year! 2014 was a groundbreaking year and I trust that this year will be even greater for the glory of God. The Reconciled Church event On January 14-15, I worked with Bishop Harry Jackson, who initiated an event for 100 […]

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