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"Failure is the parent of innovation."

This is a true statement because before every successful career or endeavor there are usually a multitude of failures to overcome. We all have to learn how to “fall forward.” This eBook will give you 12 surefire ways to turn your failure into success.

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Ten Signs of Leadership Burnout

This past November my wife and I reached 34 years in full-time church ministry. In our day, we have seen many a leader lose their zeal for God and fall away from the work of the Lord. Often it is due to the fact they did not take the adequate time needed to seek the […]


Why Some Believers Experience More Spiritual Warfare than Others

There are some believers who falsely believe that if they have a lot of faith they will not undergo any suffering, severe tests or satanic attacks. Nothing could be further from the truth! Actually, the opposite is true. For example, in the Book of Job chapters 1 and 2, God actually asks Satan if he […]


Eight Essential Steps Needed To Bring Societal Transformation

For the church to obey the Cultural Commission of influencing every realm of culture as salt and light (found in Genesis 1:28 and Matthew 5:13-16), it is essential that believers learn how to think biblically and articulate biblical principles in the language of contemporary hearers. All the covenants point to believers taking the lead in […]


Nine Essential Traits of Qualified Worship Leaders

1. They are true worshippers in private True worship leaders are effective because their public worship is an overflow of their deep private worship. They are able to help bring the congregation into deep worship because it is already something they walk in. 2. They don’t always need the spotlight Mature worship leaders allow other […]

Daily Blog

Personal Notes From Joseph Mattera

Daily Blog

Personal Notes From Joseph Mattera

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apostolic leadership 3d cover

True Differences Between Apostolic and Prophetic Function

There has been much confusion regarding the difference between apostolic and prophetic function. Regarding these two functions, when we examine the Scriptures we find only a slight difference regarding ability in executive leadership roles, the main difference being the actual ministerial expression of leadership ability. Many view prophetic ministers as folks who merely float from […]

# 10 satan usurp ch authority

Eight Ways Satan Usurps Authority in a Church

Satan is the author of rebellion, which is the root of all sin. He rebelled against God’s rule and continues to rebel against God’s rule through willing people who rebel against spiritual authority. This is the major way churches are divided and even destroyed. The following are eight ways Satan deceives people into dividing or […]

# 9 american myths

Five American Myths of Successful Churches and Ministries

In my reading of the word of God over the past 34 years I have noticed a keen difference between the biblical measure of success and the way many American churches seem to measure success. Many of the ways American churches measures success are in fact direct violations of the teachings of Jesus in Matthew […]

Ministry Reports

Updates on Ministry Events

Ministry Reports

Updates on Ministry Events

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March 2015

MMI Ministry Report  March 2015 It’s hard to believe, but almost a quarter of the New Year has already passed! Time is going by fast because so much is taking place. The following is a brief summary report of the extensive ministry that took place this past month. Words of Life Church, New York City […]


January and February 2015

MMI Ministry Report January and February 2015 I thank God for the start of another year! 2014 was a groundbreaking year and I trust that this year will be even greater for the glory of God. The Reconciled Church event On January 14-15, I worked with Bishop Harry Jackson, who initiated an event for 100 […]


Announcing: The United States Coalition of Apostolic Leaders!

Announcing the launch of the United States Coalition Of Apostolic Leaders This past November 2014, we officially launched the United States Coalition of Apostolic Leaders! This is a movement of biblically based Evangelical leaders who oversee networks of churches, ministries and entities in the marketplace. As the national convener, one of the first things I […]

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