understanding the wineskin of the kingdom

Understanding The Wineskin of The Kingdom

As the Kingdom of God continues to be taught and preached across the world, there is a piece to the overall theology that remains unfinished. In order to bring the Kingdom of God to the earth, we must have agreement and understanding of what that looks like.

Societal transformation is necessary to achieving this task. However, this in its own right is still a misunderstood concept that carries objectives which need to be aligned in a biblical perspective in order to attain our mandates as sons of God.

How do we do this? By looking at and understanding God's law in relation to the law of the world, by analyzing the true difference between the current state of our world and biblical instruction, and by looking at history to show us where this all began. It is not simply fixed by more revival, but by an ambitious undertaking of unification amongst all the spheres of culture, beginning with the gatekeepers in each realm and by affecting change through them with the proper biblical viewpoint.

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Daily Blog

Personal Notes From Joseph Mattera

Daily Blog

Personal Notes From Joseph Mattera

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Ministry Reports

Updates on Ministry Events

Ministry Reports

Updates on Ministry Events

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Summer MMI Report

June USCAL June 13 th National Council Meeting for the United States Council of Apostolic leaders On this day, we had our third annual council meeting with about 50 significant leaders from both the church and marketplace. These individuals play an integral part in helping to move our national coalition forward. The council heard from […]

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February 2016 New Birth Baptist Church, Atlanta February 8-9th On Sunday, I preached in the NBBC led by Bishop Eddie Long; there were at least 7-8 thousand or more people total attending both services. God gave me great liberty to teach on ” Six steps to Biblical Dominion” in the first service and the “Generational […]

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