understanding the wineskin of the kingdom

Understanding The Wineskin of The Kingdom

As the Kingdom of God continues to be taught and preached across the world, there is a piece to the overall theology that remains unfinished. In order to bring the Kingdom of God to the earth, we must have agreement and understanding of what that looks like.

Societal transformation is necessary to achieving this task. However, this in its own right is still a misunderstood concept that carries objectives which need to be aligned in a biblical perspective in order to attain our mandates as sons of God.

How do we do this? By looking at and understanding God's law in relation to the law of the world, by analyzing the true difference between the current state of our world and biblical instruction, and by looking at history to show us where this all began. It is not simply fixed by more revival, but by an ambitious undertaking of unification amongst all the spheres of culture, beginning with the gatekeepers in each realm and by affecting change through them with the proper biblical viewpoint.

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Different approaches to biblical preaching Prophetic, Rhema word preaching This kind of preaching is when a pastor waits upon the Lord during the week and (hopefully) God downloads a prophetic exhortation on the pastor to deliver to the church. This is a very common style of preaching especially in the Pentecostal and Charismatic church world. […]


PART I   Through the years, I have come to believe that there is nothing more important than the Scriptures to mature the Body of Christ.

The Audacious, Untamed God of Church Planting, Part II

Acts 13-28 In Acts 13:1-2, we see that the leadership of the Antioch church regularly ministered to the Lord together with the practice of fasting.  This church was so new that they did not even have apostles in their leadership, only prophets and teachers.

The Audacious, Untamed God of Church Planting

PART I Ever since the dawn of the era of the church, God has exploded onto the scene of humanity with awesome displays of strategy, power and missionary expansion. There is no greater example of this in the Scriptures than in the way God expanded His Kingdom through the planting of churches in key cities. […]

Daily Blog

Personal Notes From Joseph Mattera

Daily Blog

Personal Notes From Joseph Mattera

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Why Culture Often Trumps Biblical Teaching and Church Practice

As a new Christian in the late 1970’s I was naïve and thought all Christians followed the teachings of the Bible and formulated doctrine and church polity objectively from the sacred Scriptures.

12 Contrasts Between Apostolic Movements And Denominations

The following is an excerpt from my upcoming book entitled “An Anthology Of Essays On The Apostolic.” These  generalizations  may or may not be true for particular denominations and apostolic movements: I. Apostolic Movements vs. Denominations 1. An apostolic movement is usually led by one strong visionary/A denomination is usually directed by a board. 2. […]

Seven Contrasts between Unity and Oneness

I have been involved in numerous local, city and national initiatives related to the body of Christ. Often, our mantra circles around the term “we need unity in the body of Christ”. While that is a good start, it should not be the end game for the church. In John 17:20-23 Jesus’s prayer for the […]

Ministry Reports

Updates on Ministry Events

Ministry Reports

Updates on Ministry Events

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January to March 2017 MMI Report

This has been an exciting year for me as MMI continues to move forward advancing the Kingdom of God through books, articles, audio, conferences and personal mentoring. The following is a month-by-month report in the first-quarter of 2017 January USCAL Apostolic prayer gathering January 9, 10th and Rock City Church, Baltimore On Monday and Tuesday, […]

September -December 2016

Because of my robust schedule, I actually forgot to write a report for the last several months! As a result, this brief snapshot will include the last three months. Of course, these reports never include my local ministry in NYC, hours of mentoring and writing …… just mainly my extra local conferences and events. September […]

Summer MMI Report

June USCAL June 13 th National Council Meeting for the United States Council of Apostolic leaders On this day, we had our third annual council meeting with about 50 significant leaders from both the church and marketplace. These individuals play an integral part in helping to move our national coalition forward. The council heard from […]

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