Travail to Prevail


This is one of the most unique and inspiring books ever written on prayer. In it Joseph Mattera uses the Bible, memoirs from powerful revivalists, and personal experience to shed light upon the most effective (but least understood) form of intercession. This book dispels the idea that mere perfunctory prayer is enough to birth revival. The writer also shows the lifestyle change and personal sacrifice needed if Christians are truly going to bring global societal transformation. There has never been another book like this in recent memory! This book is a must for all believers who yearn to see God answer their prayers and move powerfully in their midst!

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Ten Signs You Have A Religious Spirit

In this article I am using the term “religion” to refer to man-made effort that utilizes works to please God. It is very easy to mistake being religious for having a relationship with God. All religions in the world are based on religion which is a man-made attempt to reach God. However, Christianity is supposed […]


Five Things We Absolutely Need For Racial Reconciliation

Several weeks ago, my dear friend Bishop Harry Jackson called a few leaders and discussed his plans to initiate an event to deal with the issue of the worsening racial divide in America. The result was “The Reconciled Church” event on January 15 (providentially the date of Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday), which was hosted […]

secular coffee

Ten Signs Your Church Has Been Secularized

The Bible teaches that the church is supposed to influence the world as salt and light (Matthew 5:13-16), but instead the church has often been influenced by the world. The book of Ezekiel 22:26 sends a stern rebuke to believers who make no distinction between that which is common and that which is holy (by […]


Eight Ways a Local Church Can Limit Believers

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Daily Blog

Personal Notes From Joseph Mattera

Daily Blog

Personal Notes From Joseph Mattera

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It’s time to re-write the race, religion and gay narrative

A narrative has been written by the powers that be, in the media and popular culture, which has successfully divided humanity into segments related to ethnicity, religious beliefs and sexual preference.  Consequently, neighbors of diverse backgrounds interact and view each “other” with a particular categorical lens replete with disdain because it assigns baggage and demonizes […]


Do other ancient accounts of creation disprove the bible?

(The following points is my summary of issues Dr Peter Enns discussed in his book “Inspiration and Incarnation”) Since the nineteenth century, higher critical views of Scripture (as opposed to lower critical views that concern biblical exegesis that involve the study of historical context and culture, the author’s intent, and so on) came on the […]

Autumn Storms

The Connection between Snowstorms and Sabbath Rest

Text: Job 37:6-7 (ESV) This week there was a blizzard in New York City that dropped 20 inches of snow. Both the commissioner of the NYC Sanitation Department and the mayor of the city took huge hits to their reputations because, as of the writing of this article (three days after the storm hit) many […]

Ministry Reports

Updates on Ministry Events

Ministry Reports

Updates on Ministry Events

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2014 Praise Report!

It is hard to believe, but a year has passed since I have launched out full-time in apostolic ministry. Last year in line with my mission of “influencing leaders who influence nations”, my stated goal for 2014 was “to shift the theological paradigm of at least 5-10 thousand pastors and 1,000 apostolic international leaders of […]

November and December 2014

MMI Ministry Report November and December 2014 November 2: Catskill Mountain Christian Center I was excited to ministry in perhaps the most influential church in the upstate New York Catskills region. This church, founded by Pastors Robert and Nancy Engelhardt more than 20 years ago, has an amazing food bank that reaches thousands of at-risk […]

October 2014

MMI Ministry Report October 2-3: CCC Leadership Retreat On October 2-3 I led our bi-annual Christ Covenant Coalition leadership retreat. In this retreat we focused on the attitudes Christ called us to walk in before we have the right to be called the salt and light of the world. I went through the various attitudes […]

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