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This is one of the most unique and inspiring books ever written on prayer. In it Joseph Mattera uses the Bible, memoirs from powerful revivalists, and personal experience to shed light upon the most effective (but least understood) form of intercession. This book dispels the idea that mere perfunctory prayer is enough to birth revival. The writer also shows the lifestyle change and personal sacrifice needed if Christians are truly going to bring global societal transformation. There has never been another book like this in recent memory! This book is a must for all believers who yearn to see God answer their prayers and move powerfully in their midst!

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Eight Contrasts between the Confessing Church and the Compromising Church

During the days of Nazi Germany there arose a Confessing Church movement that rose against the German Church movement, which became the religious arm of the Fascist Nazi Socialist movement. Of the 18,000 pastors in Germany during that time (from 1933 to 1945) less than 5,000 were aligned with the Confessing Church. Hence, only a remnant […]

Five Things to Consider about the 2016 Presidential Election

While many conservatives and Republicans are celebrating over the election massacre that took place last Tuesday, their joy needs to be modified by some things we need to consider. First, many Americans may hesitate to vote for a Republican presidential candidate in 2016 if in fact it would mean that Republicans would control both the […]

Four Tipping Points that Could Result in Societal Chaos

The sentiment in the United States recently has been so fragile and fraught with anger and fear that it could perhaps take only one major event to result in a tipping point towards societal chaos. The terrorist attacks of 9/11 taught us that not even the great United States is immune to confusion and mass […]

Twenty Contrasts between the Box Church and the Kingdom-Centered Church

Ever since the fourth century, when the Roman Emperor Constantine made Christianity legal, the church progressively went from a decentralized “saints” movement to a temple-centered “clergy-dependent” movement. We went from focusing on marketplace presence to building elaborate cathedrals with clergy-led rituals. We went from people “being the church” to people “going to church”. I call […]

Daily Blog

Personal Notes From Joseph Mattera

Daily Blog

Personal Notes From Joseph Mattera

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The Loss Of Dr Myles Munroe Is A Great Loss For The Kingdom On Earth!

I was so saddened just now to hear about the tragic death of Dr. Munroe and his wife Ruth, in a plane crash this afternoon ! I was just with Myles in Panama doing a conference and spent a lot of time with him, his wife and his daughter Charissa. They were lovely people and […]

4 Tipping Points That Can Result In Societal Chaos In The USA

The sentiment in the USA recently has been so fragile and fraught with anger and fear, that, it can perhaps take only one major event to result in a tipping point towards societal chaos. The terrorist attack of 9/11 /01 taught us that not even the great USA is immune to confusion and mass chaos. […]

Pope Francis on Consumerism (which is the god of America)

The great danger in today’s world, pervaded as it is by consumerism, is the desolation and anguish born of a complacent yet covetous heart, the feverish pursuit of frivolous pleasures, and a blunted conscience. Whenever our interior life becomes caught up in its own interests and concerns, there is no longer room for others, no […]

Ministry Reports

Updates on Ministry Events

Ministry Reports

Updates on Ministry Events

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October 2014

MMI Ministry Report October 2-3: CCC Leadership Retreat On October 2-3 I led our bi-annual Christ Covenant Coalition leadership retreat. In this retreat we focused on the attitudes Christ called us to walk in before we have the right to be called the salt and light of the world. I went through the various attitudes […]

September 12-15, 2014

MMI Ministry Report Malaysia September 12-15, 2014 I was excited to be able to finally come to Malaysia to be with Pastor Ong Sek Leang, the pastor of the Metro Tabernacle in Kuala Lumpur. Pastor Ong is the leader of the Assemblies of God in the nation as well as the president of the Pentecostal […]

August 19-25, 2014

MMI Ministry Report Uganda August 19-25, 2014 I was excited to go back to Uganda to minister to the NDE Network of pastors and leaders. There were over 1,000 pastors who came out for five days of biblical training. About 600 of these pastors were bussed from some of the poorest rural areas of the […]

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