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Poisonous Power

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MMI Institute for Apostolic Leadership


The author of a number of well-received books, many of Dr. Mattera’s works address the concerns of Christians, marketplace believers, emerging leaders, and pastors who want to renew their communities.


In addition to his longer works, Dr. Joseph Mattera writes a newsletter and blog entries that speak directly to Christians striving to have a greater impact beyond the walls of their churches. Subscribe today and stay informed.


Practical, motivational, inspirational—Dr. Mattera’s classes prepare young Christians to take on leadership roles with their churches and communities and help church leaders learn the keys to community outreach and engagement.

Featured Article

Why We Need to Plunge into the Darkness to See the Light

This is a counterintuitive reflection based upon my own experience and the reading of Scripture.

Why We Need to Plunge into the Darkness to See the Light 

This is a counterintuitive reflection based upon my own experience and the reading of Scripture.

Featured Article

Why We Need to Plunge into the Darkness to See the Light

This is a counterintuitive reflection based upon my own experience and the reading of Scripture.

Understanding the Vast Authority of the Body of Christ 

As I attempt to read Scripture objectively, I am usually greatly impressed with the fact that I have yet to ...
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Our Declaration of Independence From God

Since the original Declaration of Independence penned by Thomas Jefferson and made official in 1776, the USA has made an ...
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Significant Questions to Ask Before Becoming a Lead Pastor

As we all know by now, thousands of lead pastors leave full-time church ministry every year. Along those same lines, ...
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Discerning Between Cultural Cowardice and Wisdom in the Pulpit

With the advent of the so-called “culture wars” after legalized abortion in 1973 the influence of the church has rapidly ...
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Daily Blog

10 Views People Hold About Church

Since my connection to Christ in 1978, I have observed many models or concepts people have regarding how they connect ...
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How Not to Read the Bible

The Protestant Reformation correctly brought the Scriptures back into the hands and vernacular of the common people. Because of this, those ...
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Twelve Signs that Show Whether You Are Headed for Breakthrough or Burnout

As a pastor for more than 30 years I have seen many people serving in ministry burned out in the ...
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Understanding the Mystery of God to Fulfill the Purpose of God

Many today desire to realize the purpose of their lives. Pastor Rick Warren capitalized on this by writing a book ...
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  • “Dr. Mattera is a unique voice in the Kingdom of God. He is firmly planted as an invaluable resource to those in the ministry as well as those in the marketplace. Invite him into your life and world—you’ll never regret it.”

    Dr. Samuel R. Chand
  • “It takes a clear mind and excellent wordsmithing to communicate powerful revelation and wisdom from God. Few men or women can do this like Joseph Mattera. He is not only biblically correct but spiritually accurate.”

    Dr. Ed Delph
  • “I am a regular at Why? Because there are no leftover subjects being microwaved on this website! I suggest you make Joseph Mattera a regular part of your informational and inspirational diet.”

    Mark Pfeifer
  • “Joe Mattera is one of those rare leaders who possess the qualities of an innovator, an entrepreneur and a visionary combined into one. His integrity is impeccable and his ability to teach his ideas and skills to others is remarkable.”

    Pastor Bob Phillips
  • “Dr. Joe Mattera’s leadership teachings are a refreshing read for me. I highly recommend to both young and old—minister, businessman or leader—to tap into this deep, rich well of anointed, truthful and sound teaching.”

    Bishop Bart Pierce
  • “Following the teachings of Bishop Mattera, my ministry focus has changed, giving me the understanding that I am not only responsible for my local church and the apostolic network that I lead, but for the transformation of my community.”

    Carlos Luis Vargas
  • “Dr. Joseph Mattera is a wise and anointed leader who has provided clear and practical biblical perspective and direction for leaders around the world. His weekly articles and books provide inspired insights to maximize our Kingdom impact.”

    Steve Fedyski
  • “Joseph Mattera is a teacher and theologian whose prophetic insight identifies problems and provides solutions for today’s churches. Reading any of his teachings will sharpen one’s discernment. I recommend his writings for every ministerial leader. “

    John P. Kelly
  • “Bishop Mattera’s articles are always insightful, thought-provoking, profoundly relevant yet biblically sound. I look forward to reading them each week!”

    Bishop Dale Bronner
  • “Joseph Mattera’s articles are always a blessing to me. Joseph’s articles ‘feed me.’ They are ‘feeders for leaders.’ Sorry Australia is so far away!”

    Kevin J. Conner
  • “Joe Mattera has the rare virtue of combining a thoroughly orthodox, biblical outlook with the capacity to think systemically and with a sharp, critical eye toward contemporary culture. He is a prophetic voice to the Church of the 21st century, providing a much needed balance between simplistic charismania and false cultural sophistication.”

    Dr. Roberto Miranda
  • “Joe Mattera cuts to the chase, nails every issue with such clarity and makes you say, “Why didn’t I think of that!”

    Jim Garlow

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