The following is a month-by-month report in the fourth-quarter of 2018

(Of course this ministry report does not include my extensive personal ministry to leaders; writing and posting weekly articles; as well as my work preaching with the two campuses of Resurrection Church of NY as well as hours of strategizing and planning for the two networks I lead ( USCAL.US. and ) as well as MMI.


September 9 – Zion NYC Church, Bay Ridge, NY

On Sunday September 9th I preached in Zion Church Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. This is a new church planted by my son Justin Mattera. It is less than two years old and doing really great!

I preached on “The Story” which is the meta narrative of Scripture focused on God’s redemption theme in the Bible.

After I preached Justin interviewed me for about 20 minutes. God gave me liberty in the Spirit to teach and share and help continue to solidify the missional call of this great young church. I am so proud of the work and call upon Justin!

September 19, 20 — Mt Zion Church Michigan

Wednesday evening 

On Wednesday evening I preached to at least 1,000 leaders and members of this great church founded by my fellow USCAL colleague Loren Covarrubias.

I preached a summary of the last letter of Paul, called 2nd Timothy, with a focus on leaving a generational legacy for parents and the church. God moved powerfully and almost every single person and families went to the front of the church to commit to passing on a godly legacy to the next generation.

Thursday morning 

The next morning, I taught several hundred leaders and members of this great church on the apostolic missional church based on Acts 1. God gave me a prophetic download and enabled me to articulate the gospel mandate of carrying on the mission of Jesus.

Thursday evening 

I preached on “the architecture of the church” as found in Epistles chapter 4:1-16. God enabled me to bring clarity and motivate the congregation to commit themselves to walk in the ministry gift Jesus bestowed upon them in order to fill the earth with His Reign.

There was an amazing sense of excitement and everybody present came to the front so that I can release corporate prophetic prayers upon them.

What a great church and people! I’m so excited to see what God is going to do through this creative, innovative, wholistic church that is filled with cultural creatives, entrepreneurs and professionals who want to depict the glory of God through their gifts and abilities!

September 30 — Panama City Florida, High Praise Church


I preached ay HPC at their 9 and 11 am services. They are an amazing church with a skillful and anointed 50-piece worship team that is among the best I have ever heard! Their lead pastor Robert Gay is a fellow USCAL member and great apostolic leader.

At 9 am I preached on “the Gospel of the Kingdom” and almost the whole congregation of about 700 people came forward to dedicate their life to filling up the earth with His Reign!

At the 11 am service I preached on “the Glorious Church” based on Ephesians 3:21 and showed how and why the body of Christ is a sign to the principalities and powers of the wisdom of God (Ephesians 3:10, 11) and how it is presently one new man in Christ. Again, God moved powerfully and many of the several hundred attendees came forward to serve the local church.


In the evening I taught about 60-75 minutes to all the leaders of the church on the New Testament Pattern of Church.

We had a great meeting with a great time of Q&A and I was so excited that I was able to come and pour into the solid foundation of this great church!



October 9, 10 — Gateway Church Dallas

On Tuesday evening and all-day Wednesday, I participated with very productive apostolic leaders to produce a defining document on what we believe, regarding apostolic definitions, practice, ethics and networking.

Included in this great private gathering were about 30 leaders which included Robert Morris, John Kelly, Mark Estes, Rice Brooks, Mark Driscoll, Jimmy Evans, Jimmy Witcher, Che Ahn, Jimmy Seibert, Tony Miller, Harry Jackson, Matt Keller, and about a dozen more leaders whose names escape me at the moment.

October 13 — City Church / Breathe of Life Conference Albany NY

In the morning I taught to about 75 pastors and leaders on “The Five Stages of Christian Maturity” culminating in having a Jesus focused life. God gave me liberty to teach and it blessed the leaders and raised their faith.

In the afternoon I taught on “The Glorious church” from Ephesians 3:21. God moved powerfully during the preaching and the whole atmosphere shifted and a spirit of prayer and impartation broke out for everyone present.

October 14 — Words of Life Church Bronx, NY

I spoke in two services to more than one thousand gathered at this great church, overseen by my dear friend Ben Paz.

I spoke on “The Church of the Kingdom” based on a summary of epistle to the Ephesians. There was a great move of God released upon the church and almost everyone present in both services responded to be sent out into every aspect of culture to bring the reign of Jesus to this world!

October 28 — Freeport Bible Church

I preached for the church anniversary of FBC, overseen by Pastor Luis Vargus, and ministered to hundreds of people including pastors and leaders from Latin America. My topic was the Generational Kingdom from Genesis 1:27, 28.

God moved powerfully and everyone responded to the call to pray and believe for their marriages, children, and generations.

Monday Evening 

I preached Monday evening on “building a legacy through the church and biological family”. I used a selective summary of 2nd Timothy. Again God moved through the Word and everybody responded and came to the front and received an impartation of living a multi-generational life.



Annual ICAL Gathering 

USCAL / Monday November 6

We had our semi-annual USCAL national council meeting and shared with several dozen national church-place and workplace leaders. God moved greatly and gave us great momentum among our leaders to move forward.

Tuesday November 7

In the afternoon I participated in a panel discussion that included Dr. Ron Cottle, Dennis Peacocke, Charles Simpson. I taught for 15 minutes on the nature and mission of the Ekklesia.

Tuesday evening

I preached for almost an hour on “5 Paradigms of the contemporary mission of Jesus”. God gave me great liberty as I taught to about 350-400 apostolic leaders from more than 40 nations. There was a mind shift as well as a greater understanding of the Missional apostolic call of the local church.

Thursday November 8

I participated in a panel and spoke on “apostolic theology”; the basis of my teaching was on Ephesians 4:1-16.

November 11— Sojourn Church

Sunday at 9 am I preached on “The Glorious Church” based on the book of Ephesians. God moved powerfully in the teaching as the eyes of the congregation were opened by the Holy Spirit regarding the great call of the church to manifest the Reign of Christ on the earth as one New Man made up of Jews and Gentiles.

At the 11 am service I preached on 2 Timothy and gave an overview of the Generational Kingdom, which involves parents discipling their children and church leadership speaking prophetically alongside the parents to draw out the purpose of God in them. God moved powerfully and almost every one of the hundreds present came up to commit themselves to being a generational believer!

Monday November 12

I met with about a dozen of the top leaders of Sojourn church for a few hours and shared with important leadership lessons I have learned in family and ministry



December 2, 3 — Washington DC

Sunday and Monday, I taught several hundred of the most influential marketplace leaders in the nation in an event sponsored by the notable Evangelical organization “United in Purpose”. It was a great networking experience and I was glad to participate in motivating and educating these workplace leaders who desire to use their wealth and influence to serve humanity for the glory of God!

I look forward to 2019 as I am working on two new book releases, finishing my THD thesis on the global apostolic movement, as well as a new Podcast in addition to the next amazing Bridge Summit (June 10-12) and more!

What a privilege it is to serve the Lord Jesus!

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