The following is a month-by-month report in the fourth-quarter of 2019

(Of course this ministry report does not include my extensive personal ministry to leaders; writing and posting weekly articles; as well as my work preaching with the two campuses of Resurrection Church of NY as well as hours of strategizing and planning for the two networks I lead (USCAL.US. and as well as MMI.


October 1-3 — CCC retreat

Our private annual Christ Covenant Coalition gathering took place in PA. Organized by our executive director Kristina Hosch, our theme was from my book “Poisonous Power”. It was an extraordinary 3 days together as over 40 leaders in our apostolic family examined the Scriptures, prayed for each other, and received powerful prophetic ministry.

October 10-13 — Seattle (Everette), Washington with Apostolic leaders Dan and John Hammer of SonRise Church

On Thursday, Dan Hammer invited me to speak to about 40 apostolic leaders in the workplace and church place. I taught on “Dispelling the myth dividing the church place from the workplace”.

God gave me great liberty to teach and the leaders told me that the ground was being broken up and people were being released from ideological bondage and set free to serve the Lord in the workplace!

Friday October 11, I received a prophetic teaching for the network while wrestling in prayer for a few hours and I taught on “What it means to regularly experience God as His temple”.

God moved very powerfully as His presence came down and convicted and encouraged everyone to pursue a deep relationship with the Father. Afterward I received a prophetic word from a seasoned leader who told me that this is the kind of teaching I will be doing more frequently in this season of my life.

Presence & People conference, led by John Hammer

Friday evening, we had a historic meeting that had the potential to shift the region towards deeper intersession as I taught from my book “Travail to Prevail”.

John asked me to come to his conference specifically to impart a spirit of prayer and travail upon his church and region. I told him I would come only on the condition his church would fast and pray 3 days so that I would not merely impart head knowledge; hence, they complied and fasted 3 days before I came.

After I finished teaching about 3-400 people came forward to receive a spirit of travail upon their life. Dozens of people began groaning in the spirit for their church and region after I laid hands upon them and prayed. It was an incredible release and deposit of the spirit of prayer, reminiscent of the kind of intense intercession that took place that released the 2nd Great Awakening during the ministry of Charles Finney.

Days after the service we were still getting reports of the indelible effect the gathering had upon all who attended.

On Saturday, I taught on “Going from an event-driven to a process-driven church”. There was a real shift in the thinking of everyone towards becoming a discipleship making church afterwards. We did a Q&A and John Hammer really urged everyone to purchase my latest book “The Jesus Principles”, which is a great resource for how Jesus released purpose and destiny in His disciples.

Sunday, I spoke in both morning services on “The Jesus principles”. The 9 AM service was part one and the 11 AM service was part 2. God moved powerfully through the prophetic preaching and almost everyone of those (about 1,000 in total) in attendance in both services came forward to become a disciple maker and all my Jesus Principles books sold out. John Hammer is doing an amazing job as the new lead pastor of the church! He and his father, Dan, had a seamless and healthy leadership transition which is very unusual in this day and age of rocky church transitions.

Portland Oregon ministry

Apostolic leaders Victor Alvarizares, Jack Shumate, and Steve Trujillo have formed a team to invite me to their region. Their unity is significant for Portland and will result in great transformation and a culture shift!

October 15

At 10 AM we had a sold-out private meeting for Pastors and Marketplace Leaders. About 50 to 75 came together and I taught on the five contemporary paradigms in the Body of Christ for continuing the mission of Jesus.

God gave me great liberty to expose some of the flaws in many of the contemporary church structures, as well as the fact that most movements are event driven and not discipleship orientated. We also delved into the abuses of the prophetic ministry and how each of the fivefold ministry gifts have to work together in order to have, I hope, the expression of the Body of Christ.

That evening, we had a citywide gathering with hundreds of people from different churches converging together. I taught the Jesus principles part 1 from my latest book and God gave me great grace along with a strong preaching anointing, with the result that practically every person in the meeting came forward to make a commitment to become a disciple maker.

Part two would be conducted on Wednesday evening and I am believing for a great shift in the Body of Christ in this region, as every person was challenged to stop thinking of themselves, stop being a consumer Christian, and to lay down their life for other people and become a disciple maker.

That night we had an amazing time as I toured prophetically on one aspect of the Jesus principles: how we mature as one, based on our relationships together, according to John 17:20-24. I challenged them to connect together on a regular basis as Apostolic leaders and told him how God will not speak certain things to their region if they don’t have the proper amount of unity based on Revelation two verse seven which says, Jesus commands the churches to hear what the Spirit is saying.

Everybody committed to continue to work together and there was a mighty move of corporate prayer for unity and we ended it with holy communion.

October 25, 26 — REVo conference, Albany, NY

Pastor Michael Moore of City Church Albany hosted the REVO conference, which featured key guest speakers from all over the country.

Speakers included Todd Crews, lead pastor of Hillsong NYC; Eddie Tait, associate pastor of Bethel Austin Texas; Noah Herrin, a young adult pastor of a thriving church in Tennessee; as well as Jonathan Tremaine Thomas (leader of the one race movement); as well as Pastor Todd Bishop from Long Island.

I spoke at the pastors luncheon with Todd Crews and Eddie Tait on Friday afternoon dealing with some sensitive issues related to how the church should relate to the LGBT community. God gave me much wisdom related to this topic that seemed to edify the leaders present.

I conducted a podcast with Michael Moore Friday afternoon related to the fivefold ministry and the New Testament pattern for church.

On Saturday afternoon, we did an amazing panel discussion related to some of the hot topics of culture including racial reconciliation and what God is saying to the church today. I made some very important kingdom connections with some of the guest speakers that I hope will enable us to have a partnership in the gospel in the days ahead!

October 27 — Freeport Long Island

On Sunday, I preached at the 33rd anniversary of Freeport Bible Center Church, a strong apostolic church led by my friend Apostle Luis Vargas. He leads numerous networks across the world and has many initiatives helping the poor in various Latin American countries as well as a large Pastors Network he oversees.

God gave me a strong prophetic teaching and I shared on the two Ekklesia’s and the government of God on the earth as shown in Acts chapter 19.

Pastor Luis came up afterwards and was so charged up he preached another 10 or 15 minutes on the need for the church to respond to the message and have cultural influence and not just have good meetings on Sunday.

I thank God for Freeport Bible Church and for the great leadership of Apostle Luis!

October 28-31 — ICAL Gathering

I serve John Kelly (the international convener) as one of the council members of ICAL. This year, hundreds of apostolic leaders representing over 60 nations converged to compare notes, educate and inspire one another, and hear what God is doing to advance His Kingdom in their city and nation.

On Monday evening, I met with almost 40 of the leaders on the national council of USCAL and we had an amazing meeting and continued to build relationally.

On Tuesday afternoon, I did a general session on the two Ekklesia’s, contrasting the secular from the kingdom Ekklesia as illustrated in Acts chapter 19 — when both Ekklesia’s were mentioned.

God gave me a very strong anointing and I was able to prophetically teach and give greater understanding related to the apostolic model of Ekklesia to those who attended. I also converted the notes of this session into a three-part teaching that I released on my newsletter throughout the month of November.

I thank God for being able to participate in such an amazing Apostolic gathering! As far as I know there is nothing like this movement in the whole world!


November 3 — Sojourn Church

On Sunday, I preached in the great Sojourn Church led by my dear friend Terry Moore.

I preached from my book “The Jesus Principles” related to the process of how Jesus matures people in Him for the sake of their assignment.

God moved powerfully and virtually every person came forward to commit to making disciples and to be discipled!

Also, several boxes of the Jesus Principles books were sold out! I’m so glad we have a resource to go along with this teaching!

What a blessing it is to spend time with my church family in the Dallas area. This church is amazingly generous and also does professional video recording for me that we use on my website.

November 8 — Conference at Agape House of Worship

On this evening I preached a prophetic exhortation related to commitment to Christ and biblical discipleship. I had felt an extraordinary prophetic unction and could not follow any notes I had prepared for this leadership seminar.

God moved powerfully among the several hundred in attendance and I sold out almost all of my Jesus Principles books!

Thanks to Pastor Jide Lawore for the great work he is doing for the Kingdom!

November 22, 23 — North Carolina conference with Brian Echeveria, who leads Jesus Life International

During a two-day conference I taught seven sessions to 400 committed disciples gathered for a conference meant to further establish the disciples of the house churches. I taught on how to study the word of God, how to properly function in prophetic ministry in the context of the local church, and on the generational church based on teaching through second Timothy, which were Paul the apostle’s last words before leaving the earth.

God gave me great liberty to prophetically teach and God knit my heart with Brian’s and the tremendous apostolic church family he oversees!

November 24 — The Life Center International

I preached in The Life Center International which is overseen by fellow USCAL member Apostle Terrell Murphy.

God gave me a powerful prophetic unction as I taught hundreds of people on the Jesus principles of making disciples. Every person responded and received prophetic impartation and made a commitment to become disciple makers!

I thank God for the great work that Apostle Murphy has been doing for many years in Charlotte, North Carolina, and for the partnership we now have related to our connection in the United States Coalition of Apostolic Leaders.

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