The following is a month-by-month report in the third-quarter of 2019

(Of course this ministry report does not include my extensive personal ministry to leaders; writing and posting weekly articles; as well as my work preaching with the two campuses of Resurrection Church of NY as well as hours of strategizing and planning for the two networks I lead ( USCAL.US. and ) as well as MMI.


Thursday, August 22, Houston, TX

I ministered at a leadership gathering convened by my friend Doug Stringer.

In the morning I taught about 100 pastors and leaders on Mark 13 — which had to do with effective leadership during seasons of chaos and change.

God moved through this prophetic teaching and everyone was greatly edified.

In the afternoon, we had a luncheon for several dozen influential millennials. I taught on “Generational Leadership” from the epistle of 2 Timothy. We had an extraordinary meeting with robust Q&A, and I made many great connections with these leaders.

In the evening, I ministered again to pastors and leaders on the subject “Groaning with Creation”.

God moved powerfully as the Holy Spirit dropped in the room and everyone became silent. It seemed as though a great spirit of prayer was imparted and about to break out!

My thanks to Doug Stringer for inviting me! He is truly an apostle to the city of Houston and is doing amazing work for the Kingdom!

Saturday, August 24, Houston, TX

I ministered to some of the key leaders of a campus of CT church, led by Jon Ashcraft. We had a great time of sharing together on leadership issues.

The next day, I preached in this CT campus on the New Testament church as illustrated in the book of Ephesians.

God gave me great liberty to preach and teach, and it helped the several hundred attending understand the importance of the Body of Christ and the call of God upon their church to be a witness to the surrounding community.

After the service, I taught at a lunch meeting with about a dozen of the leading marketplace people in this church and we had a great time in dialogue about how theology and eschatology affect everything we do in the church.

My thanks to Jon Ashcraft and Senior Pastor Don Nordin of the CT campuses for inviting me in to speak. They want me to come back in January 2020 to speak at their annual leadership conference.


September 16, 17, Abundant Life Church, New Jersey

My dear friend Walter Nistorenko is the head presbyter for the AOG in his district, as well as the lead pastor of Abundant Life Church in southern New Jersey and invited me to teach in his School of Ministry.

Sunday, September 15, New Jersey

Sunday evening, Walter hosted a regional leadership gathering and about 75 or more pastors and leaders came from all over — even as far away as Pennsylvania and Philadelphia!

God gave me a prophetic teaching on the church as envisioned by Paul in the epistle to the Ephesians. There was a great response with almost everyone coming up to the front to pray, worship, and give themselves afresh to God for His work and His Kingdom.

Grace Tabernacle (Apostle Joshua Kennedy)

Monday morning, at Grace Tabernacle, I taught about 40 pastors and leaders for about 60 minutes on “The Contrast Between the New Testament Apostolic Church and the Contemporary Church Model”.

God moved powerfully through the teaching and every senior leader met with me after the meeting to converse and find out about joining USCAL.

Monday evening, September 16

I taught about 40 students on the Kingdom of God and followed it up with Q&A.

God gave me grace to teach some of the fundamentals of the Kingdom of God as well as truths from my book “The Divided Gospel”.

I want to thank Walter Nistorenko and Joshua Kennedy for inviting me to their region to minister to their leadership networks. Both of them are young, emerging apostolic leaders that God is raising up in our day!

Sunday, September 22, New Destiny Church campuses, Pittsburgh and Oakland, California (Bishop Carl Smith)

Sunday morning, I preached two services in the Pittsburgh campus of New Destiny Church.

At the 8 AM service, I preached on “The Glorious Church” based upon the book of Ephesians. There were many professionals, business owners, and political leaders in this service and they totally grabbed a hold of the message, especially the point regarding the five-fold ministry being released in the marketplace. God moved very powerfully and the church was greatly excited; the shift took place and helped them think more with a missionary perspective as I connected their work to the advancement of the Kingdom.

At the 10 AM service, there were a lot of young people and I preached on “The Generational Kingdom” based on Genesis 1:26-28. God moved very powerfully in the prophetic preaching and at the end, the whole church came forward and I released the generational anointing and spirit of Elijah that turns the hearts of the fathers back to the children and the children back to the fathers. They all experienced a strong multi-generational mind-shift which could have significant consequences. It also confirmed what Bishop Carl Smith has been preaching the last few weeks — I even used some of the same exact passages he was preaching from the previous weeks, which helped to confirm to the church that this was the message of the hour they needed to hear!

I then preached at the 12 PM service about 40 minutes away in Oakland. The Lord gave me a word to teach on “Becoming Mature Sons of God” who allow God to pray and act through them to see the whole of creation liberated. I taught from Romans chapter 8:14-30, which shows how the created order is liberated, commensurate to the maturity and manifestation of the true sons of God.

At the end I called for all the intercessors to come forward and about 30 of them came forward and I laid my hands upon their stomachs and released the spirit of travail and many of them fell on the floor and started groaning for their city — it was an incredible move of God that will help them have enough prayer focus and burden to shift the city of Oakland and recapture the harvest that was lost because of the religious spirits that have permeated many of the churches.

Bishop Carl Smith is an outstanding apostolic leader who has the gift of faith for finances and administration and is able to plant very strong churches in difficult communities. I’m so glad that God has raised him up for such a time as this!

September 23-27, Buenos Aires, Argentina

I was invited by apostolic leader Gustavo Lara to come minister in his annual conference in Argentina. He is the leader of a network of networks with 1,000 churches connected to 60 movement leaders.

Tuesday, September 24, I met with 60 movement leaders from 3 continents and taught on “Contrasting Contemporary Churches and Denominations from the New Testament Apostolic Church Pattern”, based on several chapters from my book “Essays on Apostolic Leadership”.

God granted me great liberty to teach for 60 minutes along with a Q&A.

Gustavo told me afterwards that I gave their network a blueprint for the next 20 years!

Thursday, September 26

I taught the apostolic fathers in the morning on “5 Contemporary Models of the Mission of Jesus”. In this teaching, I shared some of the primary models of church and parachurch used today to replicate the mission of Jesus (Acts 1:8). The leaders were greatly edified and we had a robust time of Q&A.

Thursday evening

I preached on “The Generational Kingdom” from my book “Walk in Generational Blessings”.

God moved very powerfully in this session as I had a strong prophetic unction and imparted a grace that shifted their mind-set from a one generational to a multi-generational mind-set.

Almost all of the 450 leaders came forward to receive an “Elijah type” anointing that turns the hearts of the fathers back to the children and children back to the fathers (see Malachi 4).

There was a very strong manifest presence of God, as the leaders came forward and began repenting for estranged relationships with their spouse, children, and biological children. They also began to pray for their families and break generational habit patterns that caused harm to their biological and spiritual families.

September 27

On Friday morning, after wrestling in prayer for several hours, I received a prophetic teaching from the Lord for my last session with the apostolic fathers and movement leaders.

I taught on “Discerning Between Charismatic and Apostolic Churches and Movements”. This was perhaps my most important session and Gustavo said that it was a profound explanation of how to walk out discipleship.

I had a private meeting with Ben Paz (who connected me with Gustavo) and Gustavo and he asked me to give him a date to come back for a week for a dialogical gathering with just the 60 movement leaders to help them further understand how to walk out the teachings I gave them.

What an incredible week I had! Starting in California and ending in Argentina, it was one of the most impacting weeks I have had in years!!

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