It is hard to believe we are already a quarter into the year 2018! I have been so busy that I have not had time to write a ministry report until now. Hopefully I will remember everything!

The following is a month-by-month report in the first-quarter of 2018

(Of course this ministry report does not include my extensive personal ministry to leaders; writing and posting weekly articles; as well as my work preaching with the two campuses of Resurrection Church of NY as well as hours of strategizing and planning for the two networks I lead ( USCAL.US. and ) as well as MMI.


January 8, 9, 2018 —The third annual “National Leadership Prayer Gathering”

On these two days, dozens of church and workplace leaders gathered in the Liberty Center in New Jersey to pray Monday evening through Tuesday afternoon. It was a powerful time of intersession for our cities, nation, and the Body of Christ.

The event was sponsored by USCAL and hosted by pastor Raul Burgos and Comunidad Christian Church.

January 21-23, 2018 — For these few days I taught network leaders of Liberty International in Pensacola Florida.

We had a strategic dinner meeting to connect with the key leaders of this large movement on Monday January 22nd.

All day on Tuesday January 23rd I spent time with about 50 pastors and leaders of networks connected to Liberty international led by Buford Lipscomb. I taught two sessions on:

1- Five-fold ministry churches and organizations and how each organization differs according to which ministry gift is leading it. I also got into the strengths and weaknesses of each of the five cluster gifts mentioned in Ephesians 4:11.

2- I also taught on “Seven Paradigms That Have to be Restored in the Church to Impact Society

God gave me great liberty to teach and bring more clarity to these great leaders regarding apostolic movement and expansion according to the New Testament pattern.


Throughout the month, I focused much of my energy on the finishing touches and preparing for the promotion of my latest book “The Divided Gospel”.

In the first week of February, a week-long ministry trip in Rock City Church Baltimore was cancelled because I experienced a bad infection in my mouth and needed emergency oral surgery! It’s the first time I can ever remember cancelling a ministry trip due to physical challenges.

February 15, 2018 — I had lunch with about thirty key pastors in the New York region as part of a pastoral leadership cabinet I am participating in.

February 25, 2018 — Comunidad Christian Church (Pastor Raul Burgos)

I preached on the first four of the ten commandments (Exodus 20) regarding the personal devotional implications of each of the four commandments.


March 1-4, 2018 — Sojourner Church Dallas (Pastor Terry Moore)

From Thursday March 1 to Saturday March 3rd, I taught on all 15 chapters of my latest book “The Divided Gospel” and created professional videos of the teachings.

On Sunday, I preached on “The Christ-focused Life” and “The Ten Commandments For Spiritual Formation”.

Sojourn Church is an amazing regional church that has a spirit of generosity that emanates out of the DNA of their great lead pastor Terry Moore. They have blessed my ministry more than I can ever articulate!

March 5, 2018 — the release of “The Divided Gospel

I was so excited to do a global release on March 5th of my latest book “The Divided Gospel”! Many believe it is the clearest and most concise presentation on the Kingdom I have ever written.

After reading it, one famous national leader ordered 200 copies to give out to his network leaders and another national leader ordered about 300 to send to everyone in USCAL. I encourage everyone to read this simple book related to the negative consequences that took place in the church and culture when the Gospel was separated from the Kingdom of God. (Visit here or in paperback or ebook on Amazon.)

March 5-12, 2018 — Jeff McCracken in Oregon

On Tuesday March 6th I ministered all day at the “Hunger Gathering”— a collection of about 100 Pastors and marketplace leaders who come together annually from Oregon/Washington area to network and learn about the elements of revival and reformation.

On Tuesday I taught three one-hour sessions on the 4R vision of USCAL, five-fold ministry churches, and how Paul reached a city based on Ephesians 1 and Acts 19.

On Saturday I taught from 9am to 4 pm from my “Essays in Apostolic Leadership” book on: the historic consequences with the evolution of apostolic (paradigm) churches in the first century transitioning to pastoral (paradigm) led when bishops began taking the place of apostolic leaders in the second century.

I also taught on comparing apostolic New Testament churches and contemporary churches, contrasting Apostolic and denominational movements, and contrasting the Jerusalem and Antioch models of churches as illustrated in the Book of Acts.

Sunday in the church, I preached on “The Lord’s prayer” in the morning and “the Christ-focused life” in the evening service. The reports I received from all the sessions were very positive as everyone seemed to be impacted by the teachings.

March 23, 2018 — On Friday evening March 23rd I taught at a fundraising banquet for John Muratori ministries, a teaching ministry on television that is reaching millions of homes with the gospel.

I taught on Acts 1:1-10 and focused on why we should support ministries that are obeying the biblical mandate to reach the nations with the gospel.

The feedback I received was very favorable regarding the teaching poignantly hitting the mark of what they needed to be motivated to reach their goals that evening. I thank God for the blessing of being able to serve that ministry!

March 24, 2018 — On this day I taught at a NYC regional gathering with about 150 Pastors and leaders convened in the Bronx by Minister Pura Coniglio. (Pura did an awesome job of gathering many key bishops, pastors, leaders, and heads of NGO’s and para church ministries!)

I taught for one hour on the “4 Paradigms of Continuing the Mission of Jesus”.

God gave me great liberty to teach with clarity and it seemed to bless and edify all who attended.

Pura recently told me that she received a lot of requests to bring me back so they can allocate more time for me to teach in another gathering.

I thank God for all my ministry partners and all those who pray for me and make this ministry possible!!

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