The following is a month-by-month report in the first-quarter of 2019

(Of course this ministry report does not include my extensive personal ministry to leaders; writing and posting weekly articles; as well as my work preaching with the two campuses of Resurrection Church of NY as well as hours of strategizing and planning for the two networks I lead ( USCAL.US. and ) as well as MMI.


Lowell, Massachusetts

Saturday, January 19th, Pastor Rafael Najeem organized a gathering where I taught to about 100 pastors and leaders from the Boston area for almost 2 hours on the contrasts between contemporary denominations and the New Testament apostolic pattern of the church.

God gave me great prophetic liberty to teach, and the session greatly aided leaders new to the apostolic as well as those presently in denominations.

Saturday evening , I helped consecrate a new network and Rafael Najeem to apostolic ministry. I also taught several hundred people about the ministry of apostle.

Unfortunately, on Sunday, January 20th,  the services were cancelled due to a snow storm.


Everette, Washington

On February 6-8th, I ministered to several dozen high-level workplace and church place leaders in Sonrise church, under the leadership of  apostolic leader Dan Hammer.

On that Wednesday night, God gave me insight and a prophetic teaching flow for both sessions as I spoke on the separation myth between church place and workplace.

On Thursday afternoon, I spoke on the divided gospel and that Friday morning I answered questions and shared a little bit more on applying the teachings of the Kingdom of God to a community.

Unfortunately, the snowstorm cut the potential attendance of this gathering in half.

“Represent” Youth Conference:

On Friday night, I was the keynote speaker for the 10th annual Represent youth conference, led by Pastor John Hammer, the son of Dan Hammer.

Due to the snowstorm, there were only several hundred youth in attendance, although they were expecting at least 500-700 youth.

I spoke on being a witness for Jesus Christ and gave my testimony on how I learned to preach (after I was saved about 6-8 months) by sharing my story and giving my personal testimony on NYC subway trains as well as the Staten Island ferry.

In addition to my story, I segued from that to teaching from the book of Acts chapter 1:1-9.

We had a powerful move of God at the end and most of all the young people came forward for prayer, prophetic ministry, and to consecrate their life as a witness of the gospel.


On Saturday afternoon, I participated in a panel discussion giving insight to many young people regarding how to hear the voice of God, how to make disciples, and how to transform our surrounding culture.


Due to the snowstorm, one of the two services was canceled and so I only preached in the 11 o’clock service to about 500 people.

God gave me a prophetic download related to explaining how the four Gospels retell the story of creation, Adam, Israel, and how God vanquished His enemies and became king of the earth through the death burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Portland, Oregon

Tuesday morning, February 12th,  I taught to about 50 pastors, who were convened by Apostolic leader Steve Trujillo, on the subject “The Divided Gospel” and answered questions related to the Gospel and the application of scripture to culture.

It had a great response and several pastors and apostolic leaders mentioned they want me back to teach their networks or churches.

Tuesday evening, I met with about a dozen of the leaders of the church overseen by Steve Trujillo called “the Father’s House” and we basically did a Q&A regarding current theological and church trends.

Valdosta, Georgia

Friday and Saturday, February 15th & 16th, I ministered to a church network called CAM (Connected, Associated, Ministries), led by apostolic leader Michael Wells.

On Friday evening, I taught to about 100 pastors and leaders on “Equipping leaders in the church who will permeate culture.”

Saturday morning, I taught the same group on “Identifying and equipping leaders” in the church.

God gave me a teaching anointing which enabled me to dispense and impart much information necessary to shift the church culture towards a New Testament Biblical pattern.

It seemed to greatly aid the leaders in attendance as well as the overseer of the network – Michael Wells.

Michael has since joined the network I oversee called “Christ Covenant Coalition” and is presently aligned with me in life and ministry.

He is doing a fabulous job and really understands true New Testament apostolic leadership!

Sunday morning, I was invited by Michael Wells to teach to about 400-500 people in New Covenant church.

I spoke on “The Authority of the Word.”

God moved  powerfully throughout the almost 60-minute message and brought clarity, conviction, and faith that motivated everyone to be people “of the Book”!

I thank God for the opportunity to serve alongside Michael and impart life and ministry to those entrusted to his oversight by the Lord.


Rock City church, Baltimore, Maryland

I taught at the bible school from my book “The Divided Gospel” from Monday to Friday.

Thursday evening, I taught several hundred people on understanding the fulfillment of the four Gospels and how Jesus was the completion of the story of Genesis, Adam, Israel, and King of the earth.

Orlando, Florida

On Monday, March 18th, I spent all morning and afternoon video recording  3 more modules for the MMI Institute for Apostolic Leadership.

On Wednesday, March 20th, I spent several hours doing recordings for Dr. Mark Chironna’s Issachar Initiative Video library.

On Friday, March 22nd, I spent the afternoon at a Strang Communications meeting with Stephen Strang and recorded a podcast for him, as well as met with Dr. Stephen Greene and the marketing team regarding a book I wrote entitled “The Jesus Principle” that Charisma Life is publishing this coming October.

Culture Shapers Conference, Washington, D.C.

My friend Os Hillman organized a significant 3-day event with about 400 leaders of various aspects of culture that went from March 28-31st.

On Thursday evening, I gave a talk titled “dispelling the myth between the workplace and church place” and afterward participated in a panel discussion with other presenters, which included my friend Dr. A.R. BENARD.

God graced the talk and the panel discussion and many key leaders of culture wanted to connect with me later that evening and week.

I thank God for all the efforts put into this great event and I believe it will be a catalyst for many people continuing to partner together for the glory of God!

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