The following is a month-by-month report in the second-quarter of 2018

(Of course this ministry report does not include my extensive personal ministry to leaders; writing and posting weekly articles; as well as my work preaching with the two campuses of Resurrection Church of NY as well as hours of strategizing and planning for the two networks I lead ( USCAL.US. and ) as well as MMI.


April 8, 2018

On this Sunday, I preached at Calvary Christian Church, which is overseen by my close associate Pastor Victor Nazario in the Bronx, NY.

I preached on “The household of war” from Genesis 14—when Abraham took 318 servants born in his household to defeat seven nations and rescue his nephew Lot from captivity. Many great principles of discipleship, leadership, covenant, and vision are shown in this great narrative.

God moved powerfully through the preaching and greatly edified the church!

April 18-25, 2018

I spent one week with my dear friend Buford Lipscomb so we can strategize together related to our leadership roles in USCAL. God gave us great wisdom and we are moving forward together as a team to serve the larger body of Christ together as it pertains to USCAL and the national and global apostolic movement today.

I thank God for all my ministry partners and all those who pray for me and make this ministry possible!!

April 27, 2018 – Empowerment Summit

The leadership network I oversee, Christ Covenant Coalition (, has an annual empowerment summit for high level workplace and church place leaders from the NY region and beyond. On this day we had more than 100 leaders gathered to unpack the book of Acts.

We had an extraordinary time, as we had more than 20 voices and one conversation as we utilized a dialogical format with several panels unpacking the missional call to the church. Some featured presenters included Pastor Ben Paz, Bishop Roderick Caesar, Pastor Steve Hannett, Pastor Raul Burgos, Pastor John Picarello, Kristina Hosch, Pastor Joyce Mattera, Pastor Justin Mattera, Pastor Kristian Hernandez, Pastor Victor Nazario, Bishop Frank Dupree, Bishop Eric Aguirre, Pastor Zenzo Matoga, Pastor Raphael Najem, Pastor Greg Williamson, Dr. Fernando Cabrera, Pastor Elliot Penn, and Bishop Ray Mott who served as a presenter and as our host.

I served as the facilitator leader to keep the dialogical flow moving forward. We look forward to our next major event, which is our annual leadership retreat in the beginning of October.


May 3-6, 2018 – Ministered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Elders in the Gates.


Thursday May 4, 2018 

On Thursday morning I ministered in a private gathering of about 50 or more church, workplace, and political leaders. I taught on the call of the church to embrace the Kingdom of God, make disciples, and affect culture.


There was great prophetic liberty on me to preach this and the response was very strong. All of them wanted me to come back another time and spend more time teaching them.


Evangelistic Temple Church

I began a three-part message on the book of Ephesians at this Spanish-language church which is overseen by my dear friend and partner in the Kingdom—Dr. Edgar Gonzalez.


Thursday evening May 3, 2018 – I taught on Ephesians chapter One, in knowing God’s big picture. God gave me grace to unpack and teach this chapter with great clarity and anointing. We had a great response, and all were edified!


Friday May 4, 2018 – Friday evening, I taught from Ephesians chapters 2 and 3. God moved powerfully through the word, as the believers understood the role they play in reigning with Christ in heavenly places and participating in revealing the wisdom of God to the principalities and rulers in heavenly places.


Saturday May 5, 2018 – I met with dozens of pastors and leaders from the Tulsa area and beyond and taught on how the church is called to be ethnically united and be an instrument of reconciliation to those whose lifestyles are outside the bounds of Christianity.


It was a salient prophetic moment which affirmed the direction of unity and purpose the pastors of the city were taking! 


Sunday May 6, 2018 – I preached at 9 am in the historic Spirit Life Church (one of the first Pentecostal Holiness denominational churches and the church oral Roberts once attended). I preached on “Living out the Lord’s Prayer” from Matthew 6:6-9.


At 11 am, I preached at the Evangelical Temple church. I preached on Ephesians chapter 4 on the role of the five-fold ministry gifts to equip the whole church to go into the whole world.


In addition to teaching at various meetings, I had various private meetings with high level leaders throughout the day and night before and after meetings, that will result in great things in the near future!


Boston Region Ministry

On Saturday June 2nd, I ministered for several hours on the subject “The Missional Apostolic Church” based on the book of Acts mandate.

God gave me great liberty to prophetically teach the hundred plus Pastors and leaders and we had a great response! This event was led by CCC leaders Pastors Elliot Penn and Rafael Najem.

Sunday, June 3rd, I preached at New Life Church—a great young church planted by my dear friends pastors Elliot and Evelyn Penn. We had a great time in the word and Spirit as God gave me a strong prophetic teaching to build up this strong church. Elliot and Evelyn are doing an amazing job in a difficult region.

Bridge Summit

June 11-13th we had our third annual “Bridge Summit,” sponsored by USCAL and hosted by Word of Faith Church in Atlanta (Bishop Dale Bronner). It was the most empowering, significant, and comprehensive gathering I have ever participated in! The hundreds of leaders attending saw the gap bridges between young and older leaders / workplace and church place leaders, the Word and the Spirit and between ethnic leaders. I can’t wait until next year’s event (USCAL.US) in Dallas June 10-12th.

June 15th

I taught in the Life Center Church with hosts Dr. Buddy and Mary Crum. God gave me a prophetic teaching on “How to Enjoy God”. There was a strong presence of God throughout and those in the service were greatly motivated to have a deeper prayer and devotional life, as well as to enjoy the presence and person of God wherever they go.


Virginia – July 7 – 8, 2018

On Saturday July 7th I trained a few dozen of the leaders of a new church plant “City Servants Church”. I taught on vision, purpose, and methods of effective Gospel preaching, and how to distinguish between what is culture and what is Gospel. All the leaders were greatly edified and it seemed to help establish the church foundation even more!

MMI Institute for Apostolic leadership

On Monday July 9th, I flew to Orlando, Florida and recorded the first quarter of twelve modules of teachings on the apostolic for our new institute.


The next day I taped several interviews and teaching sessions on GTV with Ward Connelly and my dear friend Pastor Buford Lipscomb.

Yakima, Washington

On July 16th and 17th, I ministered as one of the key note speakers at a leadership conference with about 400-500 in attendance.

On Monday evening, I preached on the 5 Paradigms for an apostolic movement based on Acts 1:8.

Tuesday afternoon, myself and my wife, Joyce, were interviewed for about 60 minutes regarding our life and ministry.

All in attendance seemed to be greatly challenged regarding their ministry and purchased a lot of my books.

The conference convener (Harold Eberle) did a great job facilitating this event!

Bronx, NY – July 28, 2018

On Saturday, I taught more than a hundred leaders from the Bronx on apostolic leadership. It was a fantastic day, as I got to reconnect with many old friends and key bishops of large networks and churches who were present. Pastor Pura Coniglio did an outstanding job convening these leaders!

In July I also finished my latest book and sent the manuscript to Charisma House publishing as part of my contract schedule. The book will be regarding the discipleship methods of Jesus.


Australia Ministry


The beautiful city of Perth is at the other side of the world from NYC! It took me 35 hours and three flights to arrive here. I was invited by the convener of the Australian coalition of apostolic leaders that’s connected to ICAL.

Friday, August 24, 2018

I ministered to about 100 pastors and leaders from this city, including the former number one tennis player in the world of the 1970’s – Margaret Court (who leads a network of churches and schools).

God gave me great liberty as I taught on the apostolic mandate of Acts, 1 as well as the need to import the New Testament pattern of 5-fold ministry churches and saints in the workplace in order to have a movement that can multiply churches reach the world. This was compared to the other common paradigms of how the body attempts to perpetuate the mission of Jesus today.

God gave me great liberty to teach and transform the thinking of the leaders present so we can see a culture shift in the Body of Christ!

Friday evening, I ministered that evening to several hundred people that evening on the present “spirit of antichrist”, which is the adaption of the church the past several hundred years of a form of agnostic dualism.

We are this in the church today, when they jettison the Old Testament and only preach on the goodness and love of God, and eschew the physical material world and focus only on spiritual things.

I also showed how all of this is leading to liberalism and universalism and ultimate reconciliation in the churches that espouse this today. God loved powerfully and shook up the thinking and theology of those present and moved the needle more towards the robust and full orbed gospel of the Kingdom!

Saturday August 26, 2018

Several hundred leaders gathered for an all-day conference entitled “the New Wineskin.”

At this event I taught three sessions regarding the birth, effect, and theology of the church of Ephesus entitled “Having a Theology as Big as the Kingdom.”

Many people were challenged regarding the difference between the apostolic New Testament pattern of church and the current contemporary approach to church. Dozens of people told me that they experienced a “mind-shift” regarding biblical interpretation, methods, and their mission in the world.

Sunday morning, August 27, 2018

I preached at the “Church of the Highlands” led by pastor John McElroy. I taught on the Jerusalem model of the church and focused on going from event driven to oneness which alone releases.

I thank God for all my ministry partners and all those who pray for me and make this ministry possible!!

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