Why Most People are One-Issue Voters

There has been an ongoing debate over whether a fetus is a human being. To answer this question, I look at both the Scriptures and science.

As it relates to science, sonograms and advances in technology have proven that babies in the womb are fully human. If we, as a nation, did not outlaw abortion but mandated that every woman see the sonogram of their baby before commencing with an abortion, I believe abortion would be virtually eradicated.

Related to scripture, I was disappointed when I recently read that many Evangelicals believe that the Bible is ambiguous regarding abortion. (It is not ambiguous, but I will leave that for another article.) 

This ignorance is quite disturbing to me. It gives people an excuse to vote for a pro-choice candidate without feeling that they are violating their conscience. When people ask me if I am a one-issue voter, I inform them that I look at all issues. However, I add that the most critical issue by far is how we treat the innocent unborn. If somebody believes the taking of the life of an unborn human being is ok, then I can not trust what they have to say about post-birth issues (racism, poverty, and all things related to human flourishing). 

If a person of color (by the way, I am of Puerto Rican descent), who reads this article, were to accuse me of being a “ one-issue voter,” I would inform them that they are a one-issue voter as well. I would then ask them what they would do if they discovered that the political candidate they agreed with  99% of the time was a member of the KKK. Almost all would invariably answer that they would no longer vote for that person. Then I would say, “Congratulations, you’re a one-issue voter!” (This kind of conversation has taken place more than once.)

To further drill down on this topic, whether you are pro-life has vast implications related to your particular worldview. Consequently, it is not an accident that those with a pro-life view usually adhere to the biblical perspectives related to marriage, family, human sexuality, etc. Conversely, those who are pro-choice are usually more disposed of unbiblical views related to marriage, family, gender, human sexuality, etc. 

Thus, when I vote, I look at the big picture. I consider the candidate’s policy positions more than I do his behavior and personality. This is because the policies will affect the whole nation, while the personal action (albeit perhaps sometimes unbiblical), will have a marginal effect upon the population. For example, I would rather have a President who is politically incorrect and uncouth, than to have a nice, well cultured, affable President, whose policies go against God’s moral laws and is complicit with taking the life of the innocent unborn through horrific abortion laws. 

It is impossible for a two-party system to fully reflect and represent God, His holiness, and the Gospel. In this particular presidential election, neither candidate is appealing to me on a personal level. Both men have fatal flaws. However, my vote will be determined by which one more closely adheres to biblical ethics when it comes to systemic law. 

Neither political party fully comports with Scripture in the application of biblical law (because we are not a theocracy). We have to choose the candidate who more likely supports God’s top 10 list in the 10 Commandments (Exodus 20). 

As Believers, we are called to be “in the world but not of the world” and should speak the truth without allowing a political party to transcend our faith and swallow our identity.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with a Christian registering as either a Democrat or Republican, so long as their votes are based upon biblical values. It is acceptable for Christians to be called to serve in either political parties. Related to a Believer’s association with a political party, I always feel uncomfortable when I see a dogmatic stance towards a particular party. For example, I’m disturbed when I see some American Evangelicals wrapping the gospel with the American flag since I do not believe this nation is a Christian nation (even though the original colonies and states had constitutions founded upon Christian principles. If the nation was fully Christian when it was founded, we would not have allowed slavery!). 

In conclusion, even though it is impossible to expect a country with a two-party political system to reflect Christian values fully, the trajectory of the nation for generations to come will be determined by which party is in power. Consequently, it is vital, before people vote, to discern which Party more closely comports to Scripture. 

The future of our nation is in the balance. The stakes couldn’t be higher.  It is the responsibility of every concerned citizen to get out and vote. If every Christian vote based on biblical principles instead of political affiliation, the United States will prosper and be great for decades to come!

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