Acts 1:1 teaches us that the book of Acts is a continuation of what Jesus began to do, as reflected in the gospel of Luke. 

The book of Acts could also be called the book of the Holy Spirit. It is not just a descriptive book but a prescriptive one. It’s about how the Church should partner with the Holy Spirit. 

The following are 14 ways we partner with the Holy Spirit. 

  1. We partner with the Holy Spirit when we wait upon God and give Him space to fall upon the people. (The believers had a ten-day corporate prayer meeting before the Day of Pentecost (Acts 1)). The Spirit calls for more people to wait upon him and pray as watchmen on the wall (Isaiah 62:7). 
  2. We partner with the Holy Spirit so we can give birth to a Spirit-filled movement that will eventually transform the world (Acts 1-2). Perhaps the only reason why we do not have earth-shaking revival is because we’re content to live without one!
  3. We partner with the Spirit so His fire of holiness and zeal comes upon us (Acts 2:1-4). It is not enough that we speak in tongues. The world is filled with carnal Charismatics. Many people speak in tongues and bless God but gossip, slander, and curse at their fellow humans. The baptism of the Spirit is useless without the fire of God burning within us! God is consuming fire. This means that He’s continually holy, passionate, and enthusiastic about who He is. Therefore, those with the fire of God are enthusiastic and passionate about Christ.
  4. We partner with God so that through the Spirit, we can explain the Gospel in words or language that people can understand (Acts 2:7). 

Consequently, the strategic Spirit comes upon us to communicate the Gospel in a powerful but simple way that brings understanding to people. Of course, this has to do with language and methods of preaching and sharing the Gospel. (The method may change when we present Christ to each new generation, but the important message should always remain the same). 

5. We partner with the Holy Spirit so we can be an instrument for the unconverted to repent (i.e., change their thinking (Acts 2:37-38)).

Hence, when the power of the Holy Spirit is upon the Church, we shift the paradigms and thinking of the people we influence. (The Holy Spirit anointing our lips has the power to turn people away from the groupthink of this world). 

6. We partner with the Holy Spirit so that our faith can be passed down to our children’s children (Acts 2:39). 

The Holy Spirit is a multi-generational person who desires that each succeeding generation transmit their faith to their biological and spiritual children. (Charismatics who are only concerned about themselves are not genuinely Pentecostal because they do not pass their faith to the next generation). 

7. We partner with the Holy Spirit so that multitudes will get saved and escape perverted generations (Acts 2:40). 

Through Holy Spirit inspired preaching, we awaken the lost, rescue people from the groupthink, and perversions of their generation, so they can flee from the wrath to come on the Day of Judgement. 

8. We partner with the Holy Spirit when we allow Him to fill us during corporate prayer so we can preach with boldness amid persecution (Acts 4:31). 

(We cannot speak the word of God with clarity and boldness without the Holy Spirit. We cannot yield to the Holy Spirit without prayer, allowing Him to move inside us and upon us). 

9. We partner with the Holy Spirit when we surrender our possessions for the advance of the kingdom (Acts 5:1-11). 

10. We partner with the Holy Spirit when we are trustworthy enough to serve the material needs of the Body of Christ (Acts 6:1-7). 

11. We partner with the Holy Spirit when we walk in fear of the Lord, allow Him to build us up, fill us with peace, and enjoy His comfort (Acts 9:31). 

12. We partner with the Holy Spirit when leaders minister to the Lord and allow Him to speak with regards to the sending of apostolic ministry (Acts 13:1-2).

13. We partner with the Holy Spirit when we submit to His guidance related to our kingdom assignment (Acts 16:6-7).

14. Finally, one of the most significant ways we can partner with the Holy Spirit is when the Body of Christ in a city hears what the Spirit is saying collectively so that they can reach communities for Jesus (Revelation 2:7-11). 

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