This speech was delivered on July 24, 2011 in New York City at the Let the People Vote Rally for Traditional Marriage

I want to thank all of you concerned citizens for coming out today!

We pray this is the beginning of the greatest movement of concerned citizens, churches, and all religious adherents concerned about morality, righteousness and justice in our culture!

The other speakers have already spoken about same-sex marriage and its consequences.

I want to briefly mention two main reasons why same-sex marriage is now legal:

1. Division in the Body of Christ

2. Faulty theology of escapism from the practical things of this material world

In terms of our division: It is a known fact that, out of the 12 to 15 thousand Evangelical churches in New York State, we were only able to galvanize between 250 to 300 pastors and churches in our lobbying efforts since the middle of March 2011.

When we did our first press conference for traditional marriage on the steps of New York City Hall in 2004, experts in public relations were telling me that it would be a great success if we had 20 pastors stand together on this issue. Well, we had at least 250 of the leading bishops and clergy with us on the steps of City Hall, and another 1,000 leaders who couldn’t get permission to get past security. But even that is a drop in the bucket compared to the 7,300 pastors in New York City proper!

While most Evangelical pastors would agree today with our position, many are independent and don’t work together with coalitions because they are burdened down with many issues in their local churches. Well, today we have shown that the sleeping giant has finally awakened!

This 4-city rally is the broadest coalition in recent memory, a coalition that transcends ethnicity and denomination!

Unfortunately, in the past, much of the Body of Christ has fallen sway to the Nietzschean, cultural emphasis on Darwinian evolution that exalts one so-called race of people over others, based on the faulty concept that some ethnic groups are more advanced than others, resulting in overt racism which altered laws against minority groups, and passive racism in which even Christians tend to only associate within the enclaves of their own ethnicity while often only looking out for “their people” and believing that those of their ethnicity are better than other ethnic peoples!

In essence, when our culture threw God out of public schools and public policy, people had no overarching purpose from God and substituted it with looking to their ethnicity for a sense of meaning and purpose. The church has been duped by this ideology and even Christians often identify themselves more in terms of their race than their Christianity, resulting in Sunday morning being the most segregated hours in America!

In the book of Acts chapter 8 we see how God sent a persecution to the early church made up only of Jewish believers who refused to go outside the borders of their nation. This persecution resulted in the scattered believers establishing churches in major cities like Antioch, which became the major hub for world missions.

I believe that perhaps the greatest thing that can happen in this crucial hour is that the looming persecution of Bible-believing faith will result in the prayers of Jesus in John 17:20-23 being fulfilled, when He asked the Father to make the church one, even as He is in the Father and the Father in Him.

I pray that the July of the Gospel will result in the blazing Son of love and unity that will dispel the cold winter of division based on ethnicity and denomination AND THAT THIS DAY LAUNCHES THE GREATEST MOVEMENT OF BIBLICAL UNITY THAT NEW YORK STATE AND THE NATION HAS EVER SEEN!

I am calling for our Black, White, Hispanic, Indian and Asian brothers and sisters to work together for the cause of Christ while overlooking our cultural and minor theological issues so we can reach our city with the love of Jesus Christ.

If we allow our skin-deep differences to divide us, then we deserve the resulting persecution that arises out of our muted, marginalized voices!

Together we can send a message to our opponents that we are not battling them but fighting for them, because traditional marriage and family is the most important issue—even greater than economics and debt ceiling debates—that will bring the greatest quality of life for all Americans for generations to come!

Regarding the silence of the present-day church, I want to summarize the words of German theologian Martin Niemöller who was imprisoned by Adolf Hitler for having the audacity to oppose the tyranny of a state that interfered with biblical Christianity and church life:

“When they (the National Socialist Party) went after the trade unions I was silent because I didn’t belong to any union.”

“When they went after the socialists I was silent because I am not a socialist.”

“When they went after the Jews I was silent because I am not a Jew.”

“When they went after the media I was silent because I didn’t belong to the media.”

“So when they went after me there was no one left who could speak up for me!”

I pray the church is silent no more and speaks for marriage and family and the generations yet to come as the salt of the earth and the light of the world, and that we have such an outcry that the political systems will be shaken so that finally, with this issue and many others, THEY WILL LET THE PEOPLE VOTE!


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