June 13 th

National Council Meeting for the United States Council of Apostolic leaders

On this day, we had our third annual council meeting with about 50 significant leaders from both the church and marketplace. These individuals play an integral part in helping to move our national coalition forward.
The council heard from myself, and other leaders including Bishop Harry Jackson, Bishop Bart Pierce, Dr. Jim Garlow, USCAL attorney Joe Infranco of ADF, Steve Fedesky, the COO of Pure Flix, and from Chad Connely who is the faith based director for the RNC.
We also had a powerful time of prayer for the nation.

Tuesday, Wednesday June ,14,15

The Bridge Summit

This was the first stand alone national convention of USCAL hosted by Bishop Dale Bronner in Word of Faith Family Worship Cathedral, Atlanta, GA; this was the most impactful gathering of which I was ever a part.
We had about 200 leaders participate in this invitation only event. It was the most diverse event I have experienced for the following reasons:
-About 70 of the leaders were under 40 yrs old
– it was a mix of marketplace and church leaders
– there was amazing ethnic diversity as about half of the attendees were people of color
– there was great depth in the Word as well as a powerful move of the Spirit through revival, worship, the prophetic and prayer.
There were too many highlights to mention!
Some of the speakers besides myself included Dale Bronner, Bart Pierce, David Nolan, Steve Fedesky, Franklin Santagate, Harry Jackson, Jim Garlow, Kristina Hosch, as well as many Millennial leaders who participated in panel discussions and presentations.

It was an extraordinary beginning for USCAL and gave us great momentum for the future.
For more info about USCAL and to view and or listen to the sessions go to www.uscal.us

Thursday June 23rd

ICEC convention led by Bishop Harry Jackson

On this day I taught dozens of leaders on ” The Generational Kingdom.” God gave me great liberty to teach and encourage the people!
(This teaching was based on my book ” Walk In Generational Blessings)


The global release of my latest book ” Understanding The Wineskin Of The Kingdom”

I am very excited that I have been able to release another quality book that will give practical insight regarding the application of the Gospel to culture.

This mini book is based on the essence of a seminar I have been doing all over the world for the past four years that has had an enormous affect on church and marketplace leaders (even on many theologians and scholars).
It is simple, to the point, and gives the reader a Wineskin that enables them to understand the overarching narrative of God in the bible.
Readers will be able to understand the intersection and relationship between the first and second testament, how law and grace function together, the proper role of revival and reformation, and how activism and piety flow together as one.

To order your kindle or printed version – go to www.josephmattera.org


August 14th: Family Church in New Rochelle

This church, led by my dear friend and fellow CCC and USCAL council member, Bishop Rayford Mott.

On this Sunday morning I preached on ” Understanding Strategic Kingdom Warfare”: Based upon 2 Corinthians 10:3-5, Ephesians 6:10-12, Daniel chapters 9,10; God gave me a prophetic teaching for this church explaining how we can effectively deal with principalities and powers over cities using the message of the Kingdom of God. The hundreds of people present were substantially impacted and Bishop said he wants me to come back and continue this teaching.

August 21st; New Beginnings Christian Church, CT

Led by my close friend and fellow CCC council member, Pastor Robert Cassara, this thriving church has been like a second home to me since I helped them lay their foundation more then two decades ago. On this day, the Lord gave me a specific prophetic teaching entitled ” Understanding our purpose in Christ Jesus.”
I dealt with how scripture teaches how God gave us a purpose even before we were born and prepared a body for us that fit our calling.

God moved powerfully by His Spirit in both services with many dozens of people responding and coming to the front to recommit their life to Christ!

August 27- September 1st in Destin Florida region

Saturday Evening, August 27th in Destin United Methodist Church

This marks the first time in many years that I have taught in a mainline Protestant church. This is one of the largest and most influential churches in all of Destin. Led by a seasoned and wise leader, Pastor Barry Carpenter, this church has several locations and is doing much to reach their community.
On this night, I expounded on ” The Lord’s Prayer” and the people were greatly edified!

Sunday August 28th : Vision Church Destin

This is a church plant less then two months old and they already had about fifty people! Led by pastor Ned Marriman, this is a branch of Vision Church Santa Rosa founded by Bishop Bill Hamon and presently overseen by my friends Tom and Jane Hamon. God gave me a prophetic teaching on ” The Brevity Of Time ” we have on this earth and gave me great liberty to teach this sobering message, which was a good foundation stone for this new church.

Tuesday August 30th

I spoke to about thirty leaders at the Rocky Bayou School in Destin Florida led by my friend Dr. Michael Mosely. They have 850 children from pre K to high school and they are continuing to expand with another campus soon to open. They give young people a biblical worldview to frame all their learning. I am excited for the investment they are making for the next generation! I taught them for 30 minutes on the call of the Kingdom to raise godly families to fulfill the cultural mandate of Genesis 1:28.

Thursday noon September 1st
Business Empowering Network Meeting (Destin)
This Business Network was founded by my friend Mel Ponder while he was the mayor of Destin. He is soon to be the new senator of that whole region since this past week he won the republican primary and there is no Democrat running against him! Business Empowering has chapters in several cities (in the past two years I think I have spoken in each one of them). At this gathering in the Destin chapter,¬† I had a strong prophetic teaching anointing and taught for 45 minutes on ” The Negative Consequences of Separating the Gospel from the Kingdom.” There were about 50-60 key marketplace leaders in attendance, and there was a great response. Afterwards, we had about 15 minutes of group discussion as well as Q&A. The eyes of many leaders were opened regarding the importance of connecting the good news of Christ to His Kingdom, and I believe it will have long lasting results in this region and beyond! Also, I am very proud of my friend Mel Ponder and I believe his new position will elevate this whole movement he began a few years ago!