This has been an exciting year for me as MMI continues to move forward advancing the Kingdom of God through books, articles, audio, conferences and personal mentoring.

The following is a month-by-month report in the third-quarter of 2017


July 2, 2017 – ministered in Frank Dupree’s church

On Sunday, July 2nd, I ministered in Living Waters Church overseen by my dear friend Bishop Frank Dupree, who is also one of the key leaders partnering with me in regional and national work.

I taught on entering God’s rest based on Hebrews 4: 9-11. God moved strongly through the word and many came forward to receive prayer and enter His rest.


July 16, 2017 – ministered in the Upper Room Church Long Island 

Overseer Bishop Tony D’Onofrio has led this church for almost four decades and it has a great history of being a center for a release of the power of God and revival. Consequently, I taught on how the church can reach a city based on Acts 19. God moved powerfully through the word and most people came forward to commit to affect their surrounding community with the Gospel.




August 6, 2017 — ministered in NBCC in Connecticut (Pastor Rob Cassara)

I preached in Darien, Conn., in New Beginnings Church, overseen by my close friend and partner in ministry Pastor Rob Cassara.

I preached from the book of Acts on the principles St Paul used to make disciples who turned the world upside down. There was also a strong prophetic flow, and there were strong prophetic words given to the church — as well as personal words for many members.


August 24-27, 2017 — ministered in Australia


I spent two weeks ministering in both Australia and New Zealand by the invitation of the directors of Christian International — Greg and Julie Baily.


In the city of Brisbane, I taught in the morning session on 5 models of the Kingdom. God opened up the eyes of more than 100 leaders present and helped them identify what paradigm of ministry they are functioning under.


In the evening sessions on Friday and Saturday, I was the key note presenter and taught on the consequences of separating the Gospel from the Kingdom, and on the generational mandate.


God gave me great grace to both preach and release a Kingdom and generational anointing to about 200 leaders from all over Australia. Many church leaders told me they have never heard anything like this before and they now have a radically different view of the Kingdom and our obligation to pass our faith down to our biological and spiritual children.




September 1-5, 2017 — ministered in New Zealand


In Hamilton, New Zealand, I taught to about 120 leaders in the morning session on 5 models for transformation and added 5 models of the Kingdom.


In the evening sessions on Thursday and Friday, I was the keynote speaker and preached on how we have shrunk the Gospel, as well as the generational mandate. God moved powerfully and enabled the teaching to come forth with power and clarity — resulting in a radical mind shift that will affect many churches for years to come!  


September 13-15, 2017 — ministered in Las Vegas with Victor Emenike


With the invitation from my dear friend Victor Emenike, who has a vast global ministry doing huge evangelistic gatherings.


On Wednesday evening I taught on separating the Gospel from the Kingdom. In the mornings I taught on “The 4 Tests in the Wilderness,” “Contrasting Kingdom from Church Leadership,” and on “The Victorious Church” (showing the covenants all point to Genesis 1:28).


God gave me great liberty to teach with clarity and helped shift the mind-set of dozens of key church and marketplace leaders.


September 20-22, 2017 — ministered in the Northwest network


Through the invitation of Pastor Dan Hammer, who has vast extra local influence with church and marketplace leaders, I ministered to about forty high level leaders.


On Wednesday afternoon, I taught on the 4 paradigms of the Kingdom. On Thursday, I taught on theological trends in the Evangelical church, and Friday I shared on general concepts of the Kingdom and the transformation that took place in Sunset Park and NYC through our various initiatives and through the prayer movement. I also made outstanding connections with many significant leaders who want to join our national coalition.


On Sunday, September 24th, I ministered in three services in Sonrise Church, overseen by Pastor Dan Hammer. This is a large, multi-ethnic church in Everett Washington (near Seattle) with many high level professionals. In the 9 a.m. service, God gave me great liberty to prophetically teach on fulfilling the Cultural Mandate (based on the first covenant given to humankind in Genesis 1:28). Everyone in the service came to the front for prayer after the message.


In the 11 a.m. service, I preached on fulfilling the Cultural Mandate with a generational focus. The response was even stronger in this service, as almost every person came to the front to pray for their children and receive a mind shift from God regarding their generational responsibilities. What a powerful time! 


At the young adults’ service at 6 p.m., I taught on the Big Story — based on Ephesians 1. I dealt with the meta narrative of the Kingdom shown in this epistle and how most of the church is building their ministry on subplots rather than the main theme of Scripture. Every attendee responded to the message and prayed for God to shift their thinking regarding the Kingdom and how to apply The Big Story to their own assignment in life.


What a great joy to be with Pastor Dan, his family (including his son John who will become the lead pastor next year) and all their great leaders and church family!