This has been an exciting year for me as MMI continues to move forward advancing the Kingdom of God through books, articles, audio, conferences and personal mentoring.

The following is a month-by-month report in the first-quarter of 2017


USCAL Apostolic prayer gathering

January 9, 10th and Rock City Church, Baltimore

On Monday and Tuesday, the second week of January, we had our second annual apostolic prayer gathering sponsored by USCAL. We had several dozen apostolic leaders from all over the nation who came to do nothing but pray, worship and intercede for our nation.

This is highly unusual because much of the time apostolic leaders come together solely to strategize and to do conferences. This is the first such national gathering that I’ve ever heard of where they came just to pray!

Like we experienced last year, there was a powerful move of worship, prayer and travail for the nation and for the body of Christ. We prayed Monday night for several hours and Tuesday morning until about 2 o’clock in the afternoon.

Because of the high-level leadership present, there was a sense of great authority in the Spirit and we sensed a breakthrough for the church at large. I can’t wait until next year’s gathering! If you are interested in attending check the USCAL website next fall


Meetings in Washington DC 

Wednesday, January 18th and Thursday, January 19th

During this week, there were many high-level political, church and marketplace leaders in the DC area for the 45th presidential inauguration.

The morning of January 19th, I was with my friend Bishop Harry Jackson who was the MC for a significant breakfast highlighting the work of African-American leaders in our nation.

Throughout the day, I was in private meetings with other influential leaders and that night, I attended one of the many presidential inaugural balls because it was co-chaired by my spiritual daughter, Cindy Meeks. This inaugural ball was attended by approximately 1,000 leaders from many aspects of Christianity and had many tremendous speakers who spoke prophetically about what God wanted to do in the nation. I’m very proud of Cindy, and congratulations also goes to the founding chair Andrea Lafferty, and the many leaders who helped convene such a gathering for the glory of God.



Sojourn church, Dallas Texas.

February 15th-19th

From Thursday, February 16th to Saturday, February 18th, I taught several hours per day and did a professional video recording of a seminar based upon my book, “Understanding the Wineskin of The Kingdom” and another one of my books, “Walk in Generational Blessing.”

We had an outstanding time as several hundred attended. God gave me great liberty to unpack and bring clarity regarding how the Bible presents the Kingdom of God in both the Old and New Testament. This seminar gave attendees a biblical framework that will enable them to better understand the whole Bible. The video will be available in the next several months on my website.

Many thanks go to senior pastor, Terry Moore who invited me to come as well as his executive assistant, Ronna Keller, who did an outstanding job coordinating everything. They have a model apostolic church with a heart for the Kingdom, in which they serve and bless many in the body of Christ.

I’m very proud of this church because they have a Kingdom agenda and do not desire to merely build up their own local church.

On Sunday morning February 20th, I taught on the “Lord’s Prayer,” in the first service and in the second service I taught from Ephesians chapter 1, “God’s Big Picture”.

There was a great response from the whole church as they came up to receive prayer to go and make disciples of all the nations.


Grace Church International     Houston, Texas

February 21st and 22nd

On these two days, I spent much time with a great apostolic leader, Pastor Steve Riggle of Houston, Texas, along with his executive director of Grace International, Stu Johnson.

We had great fellowship together with our spouses and talked much about the body of Christ and what’s needed in the Kingdom.

I preached on Tuesday and Wednesday nights in two of the five campuses on things concerning the Kingdom of God.

They have a mega church in the Houston region that has probably 15 to 20,000 in attendance on Sunday, which has also impacted the whole city of Houston with their stand for biblical values in culture. I thank God for this new Kingdom connection for me! I believe it will bear much fruit for God’s glory in the future!



Chelsea Mass. with New Life Church

On Sunday, March 5th I preached in New Life Church with Pastors Elliot and Evelyn Penn. This is a church plant in the Boston region that is only several years old. They are already bursting at the seams with almost 100 people in attendance! Elliot is one of the leaders in our Christ Covenant Coalition and has been a great blessing to me and to our whole movement!

In this Sunday service, I preached on “The Call of the Church to Equip Believers” for the work of the ministry which has to do with filling the whole earth with the rule of God.

God also gave me prophetic words for many of those who responded to the altar call and we had a wonderful time in the Lord! I can’t wait to go back to see how God is moving in this new and powerful congregation!


Pastors Encounter in Norwalk, Connecticut

March 16th and 17th

I was invited by several key leaders in Connecticut to help with a pastor’s encounter. There were several dozen pastors and in this encounter, I taught on things concerning the process of spiritual maturity, emotional health, and discerning the difference between our false and true self.

God moved very powerfully and connected me with new brothers and sisters who are laboring in the Lord in Connecticut.

My sincere thanks go to Reverend Gabrielle Beam and Father Christopher of the Anglican Church for inviting me to participate in this wonderful gathering of leaders.


“The Reconciled Church” event in Atlanta, Georgia

March 19th

This event is part of a movement initiated by Bishop Harry Jackson, who is on the leading edge bringing reconciliation and healing between various ethnic groups in America.

I flew to Atlanta to be a support and also taught before the offering to raise money needed for this event. This event was attended by approximately 4,000 people and took place at the “Free Chapel”, led by Pastor Jentzen Franklin, and was featured on various Christian television shows.


“The Transformation Conference” in Boston

March 23rd -25th

Hosted by my friend Rafael Najem at his church building, approximately 300 leaders from all over New England attended this strategic gathering.

I taught on Friday and Saturday nights, on “The Negative Consequences of Separating the Gospel from the Kingdom.”

God gave me an extraordinary anointing to elaborate and teach on this vital subject.

The first night the teaching ended with much prayer and travail and pushing through in the spirit for the whole region for a new re-formation.

Almost all of my books were sold out and I was told recently that all the pastors in attendance have been reading all of my books so that they can implement these teachings in their church and community.

The other speaker at this conference was the notable Dr. Roberto Miranda of “The Lion of Judah Church” in the city of Boston. Roberto is a very powerful, eloquent, thoughtful leader who has a significant church and apostolic influence that reaches all of New England. He is also re-launching the “New England Alliance” that will unite hundreds of leaders and churches to affect their regions and beyond. I am delighted that I was able to connect with Rafael Najem, Roberto Miranda and their prominent colleague