Winston Churchill was British Prime Minister during WWII. His daily radio speeches and courageous leadership singlehandedly led his nation to victory against Hitler and his superior army.

I have read books about him and read many of his speeches because he was perhaps the greatest secular prophet of the twentieth century.

My friend Jim Garlow wrote an article regarding the contrasts between Winston Churchill and Neville Chamberlain. He says “Christian leaders will be divided into two categories: Neville Chamberlains, that is, the compromisers, and Winston Churchill’s, the courageous champions. For those whose World War II history is slipping, Neville Chamberlain compromised and set up Hitler to kill tens of millions of people. Winston Churchill knew what had to be done against Hitler, and did it.”

In these perilous times for being a biblical Christ follower, understanding Churchillian leadership is essential!

Taking my cue from Jim Garlow I want to elaborate some more. The following are 7 contrasts between Churchill and Chamberlain type Leaders:

1- Churchill was a prophet who confronted reality/ Chamberlain was a diplomat who denied reality

Churchill started warning the world and British parliament about Hitler and his Nazi Fascist movement many years before they attacked nations. Conversely, Chamberlain met with Hitler and declared “peace for our time” right before Hitler started invading nations.

2- Churchill acted with courage/ Chamberlain acted in compromise

Churchill was known for having great courage in spite of the odds against his nation. Chamberlain’s MO with Hitler was compromise and dialogue – something eerily similar to the way the U.S. is presently dealing with Iran.

3- Churchill defeated his enemies / Chamberlain empowered his enemies

Churchill led Britain to victory over superior German Army. Chamberlain’s passivity and naivety gave Hitler more time and courage to attack and expand his evil empire.

4- Churchill spoke what was prophetic/ Chamberlain spoke what was popular

When Churchill started warning British parliament about Hitler in the early 1930’s – he was mocked and viewed as a warmonger by British politicians and the general public. Chamberlain demonstrated no foresight or courage and spoke only what the people wanted to hear: Peace, peace! In this anti-Christian climate it will take no courage for leaders to betray biblical values and affirm what the people want to hear regarding the redefinition of marriage and family.

5- Churchill motivated greatness in England/ Chamberlain discouragement and defeat

During the incessant German air strikes over London, Churchill had to go on national radio every day and tell the British people to never give in and never give up- his prophetic words and profound speeches inspired his nation to hang on until Hitler was defeated

6- Churchill was born for war/ chamberlain for peace and safety

During the days of peace and safety – the people ignored and mocked Churchill and embraced Chamberlain’s policies. During war, Chamberlain was rejected and replaced with Churchill because his prescience was proven true. The political policies of leaders like Chamberlain are based on ideological conjecture and do not hold up under a severe crisis or war.

7- Churchill was at his best in crisis / Chamberlain at his worst

Leaders like Churchill do not shine until there is a crisis – nowadays both the church and our nation need Churchillian leaders to rise up. When a nation’s administration attempts to pacify instead of confront their enemies, they give them more time and empower them. In reality, as a nation, we can only have true peace through strength. Peace that comes through compromising core values will never last and will surely come back to bite us!

May God give both the church and our nation leaders in the line of Churchill and may the leaders in the line of Chamberlain be exposed and removed.

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