The Love of Jesus Family Church      Sunday, April 2       Orange, New Jersey

On this night, I was invited to preach at this great mega church led by Pastor Jason Alvarez. God gave me great liberty and I taught several hundred people on “How to enter God’s rest so that we can fulfill our divine assignment.” The altar was packed with people coming up to cast their cares upon the Lord, to learn how to trust God so that they can do even greater things for His glory.

April 27th, 28th CCC Annual Leadership Summit

Christ Covenant Coalition is a network of networks that I oversee that has numerous networks affiliated and 19 apostolic Council leaders who come together to do life together to advance the Kingdom. Hosted by Bishop Ray Mott and his church in New Rochelle, New York, we had our second annual Empowerment Summit. I opened the summit by teaching on how to utilize the Scriptures to mature the Saints, which also included how to preach and interpret the word. God moved powerfully in the flow of teaching and greatly challenged and edified the more than 130 leaders in attendance. Throughout the day, many of our council members ministered the word and brought great impartation, it was the best summit we ever had!

April 30th  – Words of Life Church in Bronx, NY

This church is one of the largest Hispanic churches in the New York region and overseen by Pastor Ben Paz who is also in the counsel of USCAL. Both services were jammed with about 1200 people or more in attendance.  In the first service, I taught on how the healing ministry of Jesus affects the whole person not just the physical body. In the second service, I taught on how to enter God’s rest. In both services, there was a strong prophetic move at the altar as hundreds responded!  May God be glorified by the word that was deposited on this great church.



Saturday, May 6th Abundant Life Church Men’s gathering in New Jersey

On this day, I toured dozens of men from abundant life church overseen by Pastor Anthony Ventola. God gave me a teaching on 12 principles from Joshua chapter 1 that enable us to maximize our purpose. God gave me great liberty to teach and there was a strong move of God which caused men to commit themselves even more to the purpose of God in their life and church.

Tuesday, May 16th Apostolic Gathering in Bronx

On this day, I met with about 12 significant Hispanic leaders from all over the country and from Argentina. This meeting, was convened by Pastor Ben Paz who invited me to share the vision of our national apostolic movement and lay the groundwork for us to work closely together to advance His Kingdom.



June 12th -14th USCAL Summit

This is the annual summit of the United States Coalition of Apostolic Leaders at the Word of Faith Church that I convene. Hosted by Bishop Dale Bronner, our co convener, we had more than 40 speakers, panel discussions, incredible worship, impartation and strategic plans laid out that will take this movement to the next level! Also, we further solidified our Futures Alliance, a component of USCAL for leaders under 40 years of age we are mentoring so that the next generation of Kingdom leadership will be further along than we are presently. This was perhaps the most strategic week I have had in the past decade!

Friday evening, June 16th with Buddy Crum

On this evening, I taught at the Life Center which is pastored by Dr. Buddy Crum and his amazing prophetic wife Mary Crum. God give me a word to teach regarding the Kingdom of God that gave prophetic insight along with the breaker anointing for intersession that helped bring this church to greater level in their call to influence the culture for Christ. Thank God for the Kingdom partnership I have with Dr. Buddy Crum who is helping me initiate the marketplace component of USCAL.

June 19th -21th Liberty International Conference in Pensacola Fl with Apostolic leader Buford Lipscomb

Before the conference started Buford asked me to share the vision of USCAL with several dozen leaders of networks from all over the world. At this conference, myself and John Bevere were the keynote speakers. I opened the conference on Tuesday night and God gave me a great anointing to preach and impart a burden to perpetuate the generational blessing to families and leaders. There were approximately 500 leaders from all over the world which is a part of this network of networks that represents thousands of churches led by apostolic leader Buford Lipscomb. Buford is also serving on our apostolic council for USCAL along with Charles Simpson who is also a part of Liberty International.


I thank God for all the great things He has done through MMI the past several months!

I know that in His Kingdom and grace- the best is yet to come!