MMI Ministry Report

October was an extremely busy and productive month!
Note: (In these reports I do not include the times I am preaching at my home church, Resurrection Church, which is about twice per month on Sundays.)

October 2: CoiCom Santa Domingo DR

On Friday October 2nd  I ministered to hundreds of pastors and leaders from all over Latin America in the CoiCom convention.
CoiCom is known as the largest leadership conference in all of Latin America, the president is my friend Arnold Enns. One of the main reasons I am committed to speaking in CoiCom events is not only because it reaches so many pastors, but because they also sponsor many poor pastors who have very little resources for education.

In the afternoon I taught for almost two hours on ” the wineskin of the kingdom”. And at evening I did the plenary session and taught on “emotional and spiritual maturity in light of the ten Commandments”. God moved powerfully as we dealt with covetousness, priorities, passion, false doctrine, and other issues these commandments instruct us on. At the end there was a powerful altar call filled with hundreds of pastors who wanted to consecrate their lives to living a life of inward holiness and passion for God.

October 17: Breath of Life Conference 

Prophetic leader Jim Jorgenson organized a prophetic/apostolic conference and more than one hundred leaders showed up from all over the East Coast. At this conference I taught on “the ten commandments for leadership”. God gave me great liberty to teach and edify those present.

October 18: New Beginnings Community Church Darien CT

I was happy to preach in this great church led by Pastor Rob Cassara, my longtime friend and partner in the gospel. God gave me a very heavy message for that church and I preached in both their services on “knowing God”. The altar was filled with hundreds coming forward to commit to living a life of seeking and knowing God! What a powerful time with them.

October 19: Futures Alliance Teleconference call 

I facilitated a Futures Alliance conference call with about 23 top level young leaders and the guest teacher was Dr Sam Chand who had amazing insight as he taught them from his new book “Leadership Pain“. All the young leaders were greatly encouraged by this call!

October 26: Freeport Bible Center Leadership Conference 

Apostle Luis Vargas oversees this great church along with a large network of churches from all over Latin America. There were hundreds of leaders from his church and network present as I preached the same message God was giving me in other places this month “the ten Commandments and spiritual and emotional maturity”. God moved powerfully and almost every person responded to the altar to rededicate themselves back to living a life of holiness and sincerity before the Lord.

October 28: World Changers Leadership Summit , Chicago 

Apostle Matthew Stevenson is one of the great young leaders in this country, at the age of 30 he already has a thriving church as well as a network of about 75 pastors from all over this nation. He asked me to spend a few hours sharing with these pastors and I taught on “the prayer of one sent” from John 17. I was burdened in much prayer before this session and God gave me a great breakthrough in the spirit before I taught. This was evident as there was much light and clarity that came forth in the teaching which was greatly received! After the teaching we had another hour of Q and A which went very well.

I thank God He gave me the privilege of pouring into these young leaders!!