February 2016

New Birth Baptist Church, Atlanta February 8-9th
On Sunday, I preached in the NBBC led by Bishop Eddie Long; there were at least 7-8 thousand or more people total attending both services. God gave me great liberty to teach on ” Six steps to Biblical Dominion” in the first service and the “Generational Kingdom” in the second service.

The next day, I met all afternoon with more then a dozen pastors connected to Bishop Long; we had a great time sharing on the state of today’s church and how we ought to function moving forward. Bishop Long is doing an outstanding work and ministering to his city and to many pastors all over the nation.

In spite of his past challenges, he has continued and is focusing on the basics of building the church, pouring into spiritual sons, and encouraging and training pastors all over the nation!

Business Empowerment Seminar February 27th in Destin Florida
Mel Ponder, the former mayor of Destin, invited me to come and I taught a few dozen church and marketplace leaders for about 5 hours on the wineskin of the Kingdom.
I connected with many wonderful leaders and had a great experience pouring into these great leaders!!
Vision Church February 28th
On this Sunday, I preached in Vision Church founded by Bishop Bill Hammon and currently overseen by pastors Tom and Jane Hammon. God gave me great liberty to teach on “Six Steps to Biblical Dominion” which has to do with proving how the Kingdom of God is built on marriage and family.


March 2016

Christian International / Thursday to Saturday March 3-5th
For three days, I trained the students of CI on the wineskin of the Kingdom. We had an amazing time of sharing and pouring into several dozen students and staff of CI.
On Friday night, I ministered to several hundred people on ” The Generational Kingdom.”
Many responded to the altar call for a generational anointing and there was a great impartation that will change the destinies of families. Many came up to me later and said that the message was much needed and definitely from the Lord!!
Bishop Hammon as well as pastors Tom, Jane and Tim Hammon are doing an outstanding job in the earth for His kingdom!

South Africa March 9-15
Wednesday March 9th
This conference had about 2500 leaders from more then 40 nations and was organized by Gate ministries, which is overseen by my friend Thamo Naidoo. This was an outstanding conference, focusing on the Father/son wineskin of the apostolic church.
Other speakers included, Thamo Naidoo, Dr Segie Govendar, Dr Sam Soleyn and John Alley. All the speakers expressed and imparted a different grace gift to the Body of Christ and were highly anointed!
On Wednesday, I taught on the 4 R Vision: Restoration of the church, Reconciliation amongst ethnic leaders and movements, Revival and Reformation of society. God gave me great liberty to share through the eyes of church history, and how the present apostolic reformation is the only expression of the contemporary church that has it’s roots in the first century church model.

Thursday, I taught the night session on ” Comparing the Apostolic Wineskin from Contemporary Denomination, Para-Church and Evangelical Church Models.”
God gave me great liberty to teach and help show the fatal flaws in many of the models today in evangelical and denominational circles.

Friday morning, I taught on ” The Generational Kingdom”.  God anointed me with great clarity and authority; the word went forth like a knife, with such precision, and cut through the hearts of all-present. At the end of the one-hour teaching, everybody stood up to praise God and all my ” Walk in Generational Blessing” books immediately sold out.  There was great frustration and disappointment in the conference because everybody wanted a book and I only brought about 50. All of the 450 books I brought with me were sold out, and we are now praying about a way to print the books in Africa so I do not have to worry about carrying them on a plane when I come.

On Sunday, March 13th, I preached in the church overseen by Dr Segie Govendor.
He has an amazing local church that is an equipping and sending church that has planted dozens of churches! Dr Segie also meets twice per week with about three hundred pastors as they have the greatest “City Church” model I have ever witnessed!

Tuesday, March 15th, I taught about five hundred leaders on “The Cultural Mandate” in which I demonstrate how Genesis 1:28 is the foundational covenant to understand all covenants and to understand all other passages and covenants, including the New Covenant. God gave me a clear and concise teaching grace to impart these truths and opened many new doors for ministry.

This trip was one of the most fruitful I have ever taken, and God has given me a clear assignment to partner with great apostolic fathers such as Thamo and Segie.

Many kingdom connections were made, including one with the leader of the South African policy council. I was also able to connect with the leader and founder of the only Christian conservative political party in congress who read one of my books a few years ago and came to the convention just to make a connection with me.
One prominent theologian in Durban said it was the greatest day in his life when he was at our session, and the next day he made a covenant with Dr Segie and officially joined his ABC network. Another person who leads the policy council said the message I preached in Johanasberg was the most important message he ever heard in his life.
I thank God for the grace and privilege of partnering with such amazing leaders for His Kingdom in South Africa!

Love of Jesus Family Church , Orange NJ Sunday March 20th
On Sunday night, I preached at the LOJ family church led by pastor Jason Alvarez.
The Lord laid upon my heart to teach this great church about their call to be an equipping center based on Ephesians 4:11,12. The Lord gave great clarity in the presentation and the pastor asked me to end the message by praying an impartation upon the church to go forth and influence their communities for the Lord Jesus Christ.
I thank God for the privilege of ministering in that great church that has been a beacon of hope to that at-risk city for more then three decades. Pastor Jason is an incredible entrepreneur with an apostolic gift and has been a blessing to me and to the Body of Christ!