The following is part two of the first-quarter of 2020 report (read part one here)

(Of course this ministry report does not include my extensive personal ministry to leaders; writing and posting weekly articles; as well as my work preaching with the two campuses of Resurrection Church of NY as well as hours of strategizing and planning for the two networks I lead (USCAL.US. and as well as MMI.


Sunday, January 26

We celebrated the 36th anniversary of the Brooklyn Campus of Resurrection Church! It’s hard to believe it has been that many years ago we launched our first church in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. (The actual date was 1/29/84.) We saw our community qualitatively transformed with gentrification by the mid 1990s! That transformation is perhaps the highlight of my ministerial life as I fell in love with that community and its people. This experience has continued to inform my theology related to the powerful effect the gospel of the Kingdom should have in surrounding communities.

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New Beginnings Church in Darien, CT ( 2/9/20)

On this Sunday, I preached both morning services in this church overseen by my longterm friend Rob Cassara. God moved powerfully and almost everyone came to the front to dedicate their lives after both services. I preached on how Jesus processes us into our destiny from my latest book “The Jesus Principles”.

Words of Life Church in Bronx, NY  (2/16/20)

This is one of the largest Hispanic churches in the New York region and is overseen by fellow USCAL leader Ben Paz.

I preached in their 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. service on “How Jesus Released Human Potential” from my latest book “The Jesus Principles”.

God gave me a strong prophetic teaching/preaching anointing that confirmed what Ben was already teaching the congregation – which was the need to have a discipleship movement instead of mere crowds packed into Sunday services.

Almost every one of the more than 1,000 people in attendance came forward to be a disciple of Jesus, as well as commit to making disciples.

Seismic Regional Prayer in Church of the City Manhattan NYC (2/19/20)

Hosted by lead pastor Jon Tyson, we had an amazing time meeting for dinner with about 30-40 pastors and leaders which was followed by about 150 people from all over New York coming to intercede for our city and nation. This was an extraordinary gathering our network organizes 3-4 times per year in different regions of the New York area.

Buenos Aires, Argentina February 25-27

Tuesday 2/25

Hosted by the leader of a large network of networks named Gustavo Lara, myself and dear friend Ben Paz taught for three days to 60 movement leaders from across Latin America.

I taught on various aspects of the apostolic from my book “Essays in Apostolic Leadership”. One of the leaders of the AOG and its former president in Argentina was present and was inspired by the teachings and desires to stay connected with me to aid him in shifting the church of his nation towards the apostolic pattern of the New Testament.

Wednesday 2/26

I taught 60 movement leaders on 12 attributes of Apostolic leaders and had a Q&A session. God gave the group great clarity regarding what their personal responsibility is related to walking worthy of the calling of their  stewardship over networks of churches.

At night I had dinner with the current president of the AOG and he wants me to come back to teach key leaders in their denomination to help them shift from a pastoral to an apostolic paradigm.

Thursday 2/27

I taught 100 apostolic leaders and pastors on entering God’s rest through walking in the eternal purpose of God.

God gave me great liberty to teach a theologically dense message for about 75 minutes. God moved powerfully and the leader of the conference told me that the message gave them a concise panoramic view of the whole story of Scripture which will greatly aid them moving forward!

I was so blessed to partner with my dear friends Gustavo Lara of Argentina and Ben Paz of New York in equipping the many leaders of their vast global apostolic network!! What a privilege!

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