One of the biggest challenges for contemporary leaders arises from the large amount of available information. We not only have the challenge of information overload, but too many options and opportunities to make our organizations, ministries, and lives more effective. Leaders must learn to streamline their focus in order to maximize their lives.

Here are twelve principles regarding streamlining focus:

1. Tackle only one or two (at most) major areas in your life or organization at a time
Depending on the season you are in, there are only one or two major things most human beings are capable of focusing on at once.

2. Understand the calling and mission of your organization
Only invest your time with people, conferences, and resources that aid you in your distinct mission.

3. Understand your time limitations
For example, you may have a great real estate opportunity to increase your assets, but first you must determine whether you are called to manage more than you presently have on your plate.

4. Understand your gift limitations
God calls us to do specific things based on our giftings. That is to say, we are not called to be involved in every opportunity that comes our way.

5. Know the geographic area of your influence
God has called us to be married to the land. We have to determine what geographic area we are to focus on.

6. Know the demographic area you are called to
Some are called to focus on children, some teens, some married couples, some seniors, etc. The sooner you understand your demographic call the easier it will be to prioritize opportunities and open doors.

7. Listen for the voice of God in your soul when you are unsure what to work on first

8. Always prioritize getting the foundational things in order regarding leadership and legal issues

9. Look for what is best, not merely for what is good for the leader/organization

10. Receive counsel from key leadership and staff before making major alterations to your focus

11. Remember that “a sale is not a sale” if you do not need the product
Only invest your time and money in conferences, people, or information resources that you need either at the moment or to get you to the next level of your assignment.

12. Invest the bulk of your time only with whom you are assigned to build the Kingdom

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