In scripture there are five basic jurisdictions (or governments) God has set up in His Kingdom:

1-Self Government

2-Family Government

3-Voluntary Associations

4-Civic Government

5-Religious or church government

Each of these five have separate and distinct functions, although they are to function interdependently. To show how much the body of Christ has been brainwashed by the secular humanists, all we have to do is ask the typical believer “What is the first thing you think about when I say the word government?” Most people will say the name of their president, governor or mayor, which shows that the humanist view of the large central government controlling all five jurisdictions of culture; this is the prevailing worldview in the churches. Unless this is changed, the church cannot hope to displace pagan systems that abound in the present political systems of the world including the USA. Whenever a political leader says that the solution for the ills of our culture is the “Government” then you know that they have drunk out of the fount of secular humanism, whether they claim to be a Christian or not.

To show how far we have fallen in our nation from the biblical worldview, all you have to do is purchase an 1827 version of Webster’s Dictionary and look up the definition for the word “government” and you will find that the first answer it gives is not political but self-government. Now if you look in a typical dictionary the first answer is political government and self-government is nowhere to be found in its answer!

Self Government

This refers to the fact that people are responsible for their own life. Galatians 6:7,8 teaches us that “whatsoever a man sows that shall he also reap”. The book of Proverbs is filled with passages of scripture that deal with human, individual responsibility. St. Paul says in II Timothy 3:10 “that if a man doesn’t work then he should not eat”! Contrary to the biblical worldview of self responsibility is the humanistic modern view which is: genetic determinism (my behavior is determined by genetics, not by my personal choices), environmental determinism (a person is the victim of his community and or environment and not totally responsible for his choices), psychological determinism (A person thinks and acts the way his parents programmed he or she to act). Although scripture teaches that all of these previous three points impact the lives of individuals, often the secular humanists go too far and make every person a victim with no real choice to improve their life.

Other passages that relate to personal responsibility include: Jeremiah 31:29,30; Ezekiel 18:20; John 3:16; Acts 17:30,31; the whole book of Proverbs.

Family Government

By family government we refer to the fact that the scriptures teach that parents have the jurisdiction over their underage children as opposed to the state controlling them.

Scriptures related to family government include: Genesis 2:24; Numbers 1:52; Joshua 7:13,14, 16-18; Acts 16:31; Matthew 28:19 (heads of households are baptized first); Ephesians 5:22-25; 6:1-4; Acts 5 (Ananias and Sapphira).

The Bible teaches parents in Deuteronomy 6:6,7 to diligently teach their children, which also means that the primary responsibility of educating young people falls into the hands of the parents of these children as opposed to the socialist view that education is the primary responsibility of the state. It is this kind of socialistic viewpoint that has led to a nation like Germany to make it illegal for parents to home school their children!

Voluntary Associations/business

By voluntary associations we are referring to the right of individuals to band together to conduct business and or an individual who has the right to conduct business and make a living.

Scriptures dealing with business can include the following passages:

James 3:13; 5:4; Isaiah 65:21-23; 1 Kings 4:25, 1 Corinthians 9:7, Matthew 25:14-30.

In this passage found in Matthew 25, Jesus praises the person who invests their money and makes interest; hence, by implication, Jesus, by the use of this parable was endorsing good business practices that involved making a profit.


By civic government we are referring to political leadership. Scriptures dealing with the purpose of political leadership include: Proverbs 8:15, 16, 20; Romans 13:1-7 (These passages show that the primary role of civic government is to keep order and promote freedom, justice and peace); 1 Timothy 2:1-5.

Generally speaking issues like health care, the environment, and caring for the poor was in the hands of families and the local churches.

This article is from a portion of one of the chapters in Bishop Mattera’s book, ” Understanding the Wineskin Of The Kingdom”.  To continue reading the rest of this chapter and more you can order your copy here: “Understanding the Wineskin Of The Kingdom”

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