In light of the current climate of the nation, I see this as a great opportunity to reach Muslims who have been disaffected by their fellow Muslims and are experiencing intense backlash. This may now be the greatest evangelical opportunity in a thousand years to reach Muslims for Jesus.

The following are seven effective ways to reach Muslims:

1. Share with them how they can know the presence and love of God. (Muslims have no sense of the nearness of God. For Muslims, Allah is transcendent (high and separate from creation) but not immanent (near) to creation or humanity.

2. Share the love of God and assurance of salvation. Their faith in Allah is often fatalistic, as they say that only martyrs know for sure they will go to heaven. Thus, they have no real sense of God’s love or assurance of salvation.

3. Share with them that we don’t believe in three gods but one God. Share how the Triune God of Father, Son and Holy Spirit is a mystery that no one this side of heaven can figure out. Share with them that we do not have a polytheistic faith.

4. Share with them that we too are against idolatry and that we do not worship statues or icons of saints or Jesus.

5. Share with them how there is a true church made up of those who believe the Scriptures and a false liberal church that denies the Bible and its moral teachings.

6. Befriend a Muslim family or co-worker and enter into friendly dialogue. Now, with all the anti-Islamic banter because of terrorist attacks, the horrendous actions of ISIS, many Muslims are ashamed, which gives Christians the greatest opportunity to demonstrate love and friendship toward Muslims.

7. Most importantly, share your testimony of how Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection became real to you when Jesus Himself came in your life, gave you His Spirit, took away your sins and guilt, and has given you a new life that is effective, both in this life and in the eternity to come. Tell them how you are now ready to meet God as your judge, not based on your own merits and your own righteousness but on the merits and righteousness of Christ alone.

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