Because of my robust schedule, I actually forgot to write a report for the last several months! As a result, this brief snapshot will include the last three months. Of course, these reports never include my local ministry in NYC, hours of mentoring and writing …… just mainly my extra local conferences and events.


September 8,9 IIEM Conference Las Vegas, NV. 

Thursday and Friday, I taught pastors and market place leaders at a conference where my friend, evangelist Victor Emineke, convened. These leaders came from the US, Canada and Africa. I taught on the Kingdom of God which had a huge impact and changed their paradigm regarding the missional purpose of the church and marketplace. This was evident from the shift that took place in how they spoke about ministry before and after I taught. It was a joy to meet these key servants of God!

The Statesmen Project in Dallas September 15,16

My dear friend Dennis Peacocke regularly convenes about 150-200 urban practitioners, policy experts and educators for the purpose of discipling nations and cities.

At this particular event, I taught these amazing leaders on the wine skin of the Kingdom based on my latest book. The content helped everyone understand the biblical framework needed in our goal of reaching every cultural sphere with the gospel of the Kingdom. I was pleased to serve my brilliant friend and strategist, Dennis Peacocke.

Christ Covenant Coalition leaders retreat 

September 29,30

This is the annual invitation only retreat of the CCC apostolic council and their ministry friends and leaders.About 45 local and national leaders and their spouses prayed, worshipped, fellowshipped and expounded on the farewell address of Paul to the Ephesian Elders (Acts 20). This was an amazing experience for all and continued to deepen the relationships of these influential leaders. At this retreat, in addition to serving as the facilitator, I taught on how to continually nurture functional leaders who can step in when other leaders transition out. My thanks to marketplace leader Kristina Hosch who, as the ED of CCC organized this important gathering.


Breath of Life conference in CT

Breath of life is the prophetic ministry network of fellow CCC leader and spiritual son James Jorgenson. He has a tremendous prophetic anointing to prophesy and activate people for prophetic ministry.At this event, God gave me great liberty to teach on the negative consequences of separating the gospel from the Kingdom. The response was overwhelming and we sold out all my books on the Kingdom.I also got to meet key leaders from Boston who are arranging for me to come to their region in the spring to conduct a leadership summit.


Global movement day – Jacob Javits center NYC 

October 26th

This event had about three thousand leaders from many nations who converged in NYC to learn and network with others passionate about reaching cities. My friend Mac Pier and myself have been working together in NY for the past twenty-five years.

He asked me to co-lead a track on “urban apologetics” with a brilliant millennial leader named Nick Pitts. I facilitated Nick’s session on how to reach this culture and he facilitated my 90-minute session. I taught on how to apply the principles of the Kingdom of God to culture. I also met several leaders from India who follow my writing and share it with many pastors and leaders in their nation. There were between 2-3 hundred leaders in each of our sessions. This was the most professionally organized conference in which I had the pleasure to participate. Mac Pier is truly a brilliant leader


The annual international congress of Apostolic leaders in Dallas November 7-11th

On Monday night, November 7th, I convened a meeting with about forty of the national council members of the United States Coalition of Apostolic Leaders. We heard from great cultural leaders like ADF senior attorney Joseph Infranco, Bishop Harry Jackson, John Kelly, Dennis Peacocke and more.

Tuesday, November 8th, I convened another gathering of about sixty members of the USCAL, we prayed for the nation and heard from national leaders about the state of the church and nation.

Wednesday night, November 9th, I was the keynote speaker of the international gathering. My topic was “Righteousness Exalts A Nation.” God gave me the ability to preach with great clarity regarding our call to rightly divide the word and correctly apply the moral law of God to the church and culture. It’s only when a nation embraces and applies the moral law of God as their standard of ethics can it be exalted by righteousness. The response was great as many understood the role of the law in culture for the first time. Even a great messianic theologian friend of mine loved the teaching and told me that I was called to teach the body of Christ how to interpret the word especially regarding the correlation between the first and second Testaments.

On Friday, November 11th, I participated in the annual international council convened by John Kelly which gives input to ICAL leadership regarding the direction and methodology of our movement. ICAL is the largest known expression of the apostolic church in the world today.

My next book

Also in November, I finished writing the manuscript of my next book (to be released this January), 25 Things Your Preacher Never Told You.


Ministry in the Netherlands December 8- 11th

I was invited to minister in Holland by ICAL member and marketplace leader Gerhard Hobelman. Gerhard leads the largest network of retreat centers in the Netherlands and has influence with every major leader and denomination.

Thursday night, December 8th, I met with twelve of the most influential leaders of the nation for dinner. At this dinner, they asked me to share with them my experiences on leadership in NYC and give my input regarding important principles for uniting the Body of Christ. We had a robust discussion that was a blessing to all and God gave me a divine connection with many of these key leaders who asked me to stay in touch and continue the relationship with their nation.

Friday morning and afternoon, December 9th, I taught a few dozen significant church leaders on the 4 R Vision of ICAL which involves:

The restoration of the church

Reconciliation among ethnic leaders and movements


Reformation of society

God gave me great liberty to teach and facilitate dialogue and it seemed to really give practical understanding to them regarding how they can fulfill their divine mission.

Saturday, I ministered to about sixty marketplace leaders who are members of the Coalition for Apostolic Reformation led by Dick and Arlene Westerhof. We had a powerful three-hour session based on my latest book, Understanding the Wineskin of the Kingdom.God opened the eyes of these great and emerging cultural leaders and gave them a handle on how to implement the 7 Mountain Mandate.

Sunday, December 11th, I preached in the Embassy of God Church which is an apostolic center led by Dick and Arlene Westerhof. There were several hundred-people present as I taught on “The Kingdom Epistle” which is a summary of the book of Ephesians. God gave me great clarity to teach which enabled the congregation to further grasp their Kingdom calling and mandate.

Dick and Arlene are perhaps on the leading edge of what God is doing in the nation, especially when it comes to implementing the Kingdom in culture through an apostolic center. As an aside it was also a great joy for me to discover that my trip to Holland twelve years ago had an enormous impact on this couple. I taught on the kingdom in December 2004 to several hundred leaders who were part of an apostolic network and then lost touch with everyone in Holland until this past week because said network dissolved after my visit because of a scandal with their leader.

However, Dick and Arlene were present twelve years ago and four weeks later started a church based upon the Kingdom principles they learned during the seminar.

I thank God for allowing me to re-connect with this nation and these great leaders!

Dick, Arlene as well as several other key leaders said they want to invite me to come back to their nation to continue what was started this past week!