1. The use of interactive visuals to communicate their message.
• Our TV youth culture is primarily driven by images.
• Many churches successfully utilize multimedia alongside preaching to accentuate their Sunday messages.

2. They understand their niche markets (they have something for everyone).
• Businesses utilize diverse music and entertainment to communicate their messages.
• Churches can employ the use of music specials and divergent styles to attract the various age groups and demographics in their communities.

3. They are open everyday offering their services for most of the day.
• Sunday Christianity cannot work in the urban context. Successful churches need to be teeming with ministry activity meeting the needs of the people in their communities seven days a week. (This is not necessarily speaking about church services but after school programs, small affinity groups, seminars, membership classes, mentoring, etc.)

4. They utilize local people to gain the support of their communities.
• The church should look to release their members for service & ministry, and not always look to hire and import outside professionals to meet their needs.

5. Successful businesses (like McDonalds and Burger King) are strategically placed in the center of activity where many people congregate.
• Churches need to be present in key locations in a city in order to be relevant, whether it be their church building or having their presence felt through various outreaches.
• McDonald’s success is mostly because of location based on their demographic and market research than it is about selling hamburgers. As a matter of fact, there are plenty of diners that have better hamburgers but don’t make even ten percent of the business the local McDonald’s makes because of their marketing approach and location.

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