Peace comes when things are in order and in harmony. When you are missing something important, you are not at peace.

For example, how would you like to bowl with only nine pins? Or, how would you feel if you noticed that you were missing a diamond in your wedding ring? Or, how would you like to almost finish a huge puzzle and then find out one of the pieces that completes the puzzle is missing?

Where can we find peace, then?

1. Peace only comes through our Lord Jesus Christ because He came to make up for that lack in our lives when He bore our sins on the cross and brought us back into fellowship with the Father.

• John 14:27: Jesus doesn’t give peace that depends on the world system.
• The world gives happiness but not peace. I’m sure many celebrated the new New Year by making themselves happy by getting drunk, and making promises they will never keep! Many have to make themselves happy because they have no joy. But depending on happiness is like attempting to drive from New York to Florida on half a tank of gas!
• Romans 14:17: The Kingdom of God is not based on the material things of this world but on righteousness, peace, and joy. Notice that peace comes only after you are righteous!

2. Romans 5:1-2
• After we are justified with God we have peace.
• Even if we have our health, a good family, and make a lot of money, we will still have a sense that something is not right in our lives—that something is missing!
• I was miserable when I didn’t know the Lord even though I was a promising musician with a bright future. Something was missing in my heart of hearts even though every other component of my life seemed ok.

In Luke 2:14, the angels announced that peace only comes to those on whom His favor rests — those He is pleased with. God told us that He is pleased only with His one and only Son (Luke 3).

When we are in Christ we are pleasing to God.

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