January to March 2017 MMI Report

This has been an exciting year for me as MMI continues to move forward advancing the Kingdom of God through books, articles, audio, conferences and personal mentoring.

The following is a month-by-month report in the first-quarter of 2017


USCAL Apostolic prayer gathering

January 9, 10th and Rock City Church, Baltimore

On Monday and Tuesday, the second week of January, we had our second annual apostolic prayer gathering sponsored by USCAL. We had several dozen apostolic leaders from all over the nation who came to do nothing but pray, worship and intercede for our nation.

This is highly unusual because much of the time apostolic leaders come together solely to strategize and to do conferences. This is the first such national gathering that I’ve ever heard of where they came just to pray!

Like we experienced last year, there was a powerful move of worship, prayer and travail for the nation and for the body of Christ. We prayed Monday night for several hours and Tuesday morning until about 2 o’clock in the afternoon.

Because of the high-level leadership present, there was a sense of great authority in the Spirit and we sensed a breakthrough for the church at large. I can’t wait until next year’s gathering! If you are interested in attending check the USCAL website next fall www.uscal.us


Meetings in Washington DC 

Wednesday, January 18th and Thursday, January 19th

During this week, there were many high-level political, church and marketplace leaders in the DC area for the 45th presidential inauguration.

The morning of January 19th, I was with my friend Bishop Harry Jackson who was the MC for a significant breakfast highlighting the work of African-American leaders in our nation.

Throughout the day, I was in private meetings with other influential leaders and that night, I attended one of the many presidential inaugural balls because it was co-chaired by my spiritual daughter, Cindy Meeks. This inaugural ball was attended by approximately 1,000 leaders from many aspects of Christianity and had many tremendous speakers who spoke prophetically about what God wanted to do in the nation. I’m very proud of Cindy, and congratulations also goes to the founding chair Andrea Lafferty, and the many leaders who helped convene such a gathering for the glory of God.



Sojourn church, Dallas Texas.

February 15th-19th

From Thursday, February 16th to Saturday, February 18th, I taught several hours per day and did a professional video recording of a seminar based upon my book, “Understanding the Wineskin of The Kingdom” and another one of my books, “Walk in Generational Blessing.”

We had an outstanding time as several hundred attended. God gave me great liberty to unpack and bring clarity regarding how the Bible presents the Kingdom of God in both the Old and New Testament. This seminar gave attendees a biblical framework that will enable them to better understand the whole Bible. The video will be available in the next several months on my website.

Many thanks go to senior pastor, Terry Moore who invited me to come as well as his executive assistant, Ronna Keller, who did an outstanding job coordinating everything. They have a model apostolic church with a heart for the Kingdom, in which they serve and bless many in the body of Christ.

I’m very proud of this church because they have a Kingdom agenda and do not desire to merely build up their own local church.

On Sunday morning February 20th, I taught on the “Lord’s Prayer,” in the first service and in the second service I taught from Ephesians chapter 1, “God’s Big Picture”.

There was a great response from the whole church as they came up to receive prayer to go and make disciples of all the nations.


Grace Church International     Houston, Texas

February 21st and 22nd

On these two days, I spent much time with a great apostolic leader, Pastor Steve Riggle of Houston, Texas, along with his executive director of Grace International, Stu Johnson.

We had great fellowship together with our spouses and talked much about the body of Christ and what’s needed in the Kingdom.

I preached on Tuesday and Wednesday nights in two of the five campuses on things concerning the Kingdom of God.

They have a mega church in the Houston region that has probably 15 to 20,000 in attendance on Sunday, which has also impacted the whole city of Houston with their stand for biblical values in culture. I thank God for this new Kingdom connection for me! I believe it will bear much fruit for God’s glory in the future!



Chelsea Mass. with New Life Church

On Sunday, March 5th I preached in New Life Church with Pastors Elliot and Evelyn Penn. This is a church plant in the Boston region that is only several years old. They are already bursting at the seams with almost 100 people in attendance! Elliot is one of the leaders in our Christ Covenant Coalition and has been a great blessing to me and to our whole movement!

In this Sunday service, I preached on “The Call of the Church to Equip Believers” for the work of the ministry which has to do with filling the whole earth with the rule of God.

God also gave me prophetic words for many of those who responded to the altar call and we had a wonderful time in the Lord! I can’t wait to go back to see how God is moving in this new and powerful congregation!


Pastors Encounter in Norwalk, Connecticut

March 16th and 17th

I was invited by several key leaders in Connecticut to help with a pastor’s encounter. There were several dozen pastors and in this encounter, I taught on things concerning the process of spiritual maturity, emotional health, and discerning the difference between our false and true self.

God moved very powerfully and connected me with new brothers and sisters who are laboring in the Lord in Connecticut.

My sincere thanks go to Reverend Gabrielle Beam and Father Christopher of the Anglican Church for inviting me to participate in this wonderful gathering of leaders.


“The Reconciled Church” event in Atlanta, Georgia

March 19th

This event is part of a movement initiated by Bishop Harry Jackson, who is on the leading edge bringing reconciliation and healing between various ethnic groups in America.

I flew to Atlanta to be a support and also taught before the offering to raise money needed for this event. This event was attended by approximately 4,000 people and took place at the “Free Chapel”, led by Pastor Jentzen Franklin, and was featured on various Christian television shows.


“The Transformation Conference” in Boston

March 23rd -25th

Hosted by my friend Rafael Najem at his church building, approximately 300 leaders from all over New England attended this strategic gathering.

I taught on Friday and Saturday nights, on “The Negative Consequences of Separating the Gospel from the Kingdom.”

God gave me an extraordinary anointing to elaborate and teach on this vital subject.

The first night the teaching ended with much prayer and travail and pushing through in the spirit for the whole region for a new re-formation.

Almost all of my books were sold out and I was told recently that all the pastors in attendance have been reading all of my books so that they can implement these teachings in their church and community.

The other speaker at this conference was the notable Dr. Roberto Miranda of “The Lion of Judah Church” in the city of Boston. Roberto is a very powerful, eloquent, thoughtful leader who has a significant church and apostolic influence that reaches all of New England. He is also re-launching the “New England Alliance” that will unite hundreds of leaders and churches to affect their regions and beyond. I am delighted that I was able to connect with Rafael Najem, Roberto Miranda and their prominent colleague

September -December 2016

Because of my robust schedule, I actually forgot to write a report for the last several months! As a result, this brief snapshot will include the last three months. Of course, these reports never include my local ministry in NYC, hours of mentoring and writing …… just mainly my extra local conferences and events.


September 8,9 IIEM Conference Las Vegas, NV. 

Thursday and Friday, I taught pastors and market place leaders at a conference where my friend, evangelist Victor Emineke, convened. These leaders came from the US, Canada and Africa. I taught on the Kingdom of God which had a huge impact and changed their paradigm regarding the missional purpose of the church and marketplace. This was evident from the shift that took place in how they spoke about ministry before and after I taught. It was a joy to meet these key servants of God!

The Statesmen Project in Dallas September 15,16

My dear friend Dennis Peacocke regularly convenes about 150-200 urban practitioners, policy experts and educators for the purpose of discipling nations and cities.

At this particular event, I taught these amazing leaders on the wine skin of the Kingdom based on my latest book. The content helped everyone understand the biblical framework needed in our goal of reaching every cultural sphere with the gospel of the Kingdom. I was pleased to serve my brilliant friend and strategist, Dennis Peacocke.

Christ Covenant Coalition leaders retreat 

September 29,30

This is the annual invitation only retreat of the CCC apostolic council and their ministry friends and leaders.About 45 local and national leaders and their spouses prayed, worshipped, fellowshipped and expounded on the farewell address of Paul to the Ephesian Elders (Acts 20). This was an amazing experience for all and continued to deepen the relationships of these influential leaders. At this retreat, in addition to serving as the facilitator, I taught on how to continually nurture functional leaders who can step in when other leaders transition out. My thanks to marketplace leader Kristina Hosch who, as the ED of CCC organized this important gathering.


Breath of Life conference in CT

Breath of life is the prophetic ministry network of fellow CCC leader and spiritual son James Jorgenson. He has a tremendous prophetic anointing to prophesy and activate people for prophetic ministry.At this event, God gave me great liberty to teach on the negative consequences of separating the gospel from the Kingdom. The response was overwhelming and we sold out all my books on the Kingdom.I also got to meet key leaders from Boston who are arranging for me to come to their region in the spring to conduct a leadership summit.


Global movement day – Jacob Javits center NYC 

October 26th

This event had about three thousand leaders from many nations who converged in NYC to learn and network with others passionate about reaching cities. My friend Mac Pier and myself have been working together in NY for the past twenty-five years.

He asked me to co-lead a track on “urban apologetics” with a brilliant millennial leader named Nick Pitts. I facilitated Nick’s session on how to reach this culture and he facilitated my 90-minute session. I taught on how to apply the principles of the Kingdom of God to culture. I also met several leaders from India who follow my writing and share it with many pastors and leaders in their nation. There were between 2-3 hundred leaders in each of our sessions. This was the most professionally organized conference in which I had the pleasure to participate. Mac Pier is truly a brilliant leader


The annual international congress of Apostolic leaders in Dallas November 7-11th

On Monday night, November 7th, I convened a meeting with about forty of the national council members of the United States Coalition of Apostolic Leaders. We heard from great cultural leaders like ADF senior attorney Joseph Infranco, Bishop Harry Jackson, John Kelly, Dennis Peacocke and more.

Tuesday, November 8th, I convened another gathering of about sixty members of the USCAL, we prayed for the nation and heard from national leaders about the state of the church and nation.

Wednesday night, November 9th, I was the keynote speaker of the international gathering. My topic was “Righteousness Exalts A Nation.” God gave me the ability to preach with great clarity regarding our call to rightly divide the word and correctly apply the moral law of God to the church and culture. It’s only when a nation embraces and applies the moral law of God as their standard of ethics can it be exalted by righteousness. The response was great as many understood the role of the law in culture for the first time. Even a great messianic theologian friend of mine loved the teaching and told me that I was called to teach the body of Christ how to interpret the word especially regarding the correlation between the first and second Testaments.

On Friday, November 11th, I participated in the annual international council convened by John Kelly which gives input to ICAL leadership regarding the direction and methodology of our movement. ICAL is the largest known expression of the apostolic church in the world today.

My next book

Also in November, I finished writing the manuscript of my next book (to be released this January), 25 Things Your Preacher Never Told You.


Ministry in the Netherlands December 8- 11th

I was invited to minister in Holland by ICAL member and marketplace leader Gerhard Hobelman. Gerhard leads the largest network of retreat centers in the Netherlands and has influence with every major leader and denomination.

Thursday night, December 8th, I met with twelve of the most influential leaders of the nation for dinner. At this dinner, they asked me to share with them my experiences on leadership in NYC and give my input regarding important principles for uniting the Body of Christ. We had a robust discussion that was a blessing to all and God gave me a divine connection with many of these key leaders who asked me to stay in touch and continue the relationship with their nation.

Friday morning and afternoon, December 9th, I taught a few dozen significant church leaders on the 4 R Vision of ICAL which involves:

The restoration of the church

Reconciliation among ethnic leaders and movements


Reformation of society

God gave me great liberty to teach and facilitate dialogue and it seemed to really give practical understanding to them regarding how they can fulfill their divine mission.

Saturday, I ministered to about sixty marketplace leaders who are members of the Coalition for Apostolic Reformation led by Dick and Arlene Westerhof. We had a powerful three-hour session based on my latest book, Understanding the Wineskin of the Kingdom.God opened the eyes of these great and emerging cultural leaders and gave them a handle on how to implement the 7 Mountain Mandate.

Sunday, December 11th, I preached in the Embassy of God Church which is an apostolic center led by Dick and Arlene Westerhof. There were several hundred-people present as I taught on “The Kingdom Epistle” which is a summary of the book of Ephesians. God gave me great clarity to teach which enabled the congregation to further grasp their Kingdom calling and mandate.

Dick and Arlene are perhaps on the leading edge of what God is doing in the nation, especially when it comes to implementing the Kingdom in culture through an apostolic center. As an aside it was also a great joy for me to discover that my trip to Holland twelve years ago had an enormous impact on this couple. I taught on the kingdom in December 2004 to several hundred leaders who were part of an apostolic network and then lost touch with everyone in Holland until this past week because said network dissolved after my visit because of a scandal with their leader.

However, Dick and Arlene were present twelve years ago and four weeks later started a church based upon the Kingdom principles they learned during the seminar.

I thank God for allowing me to re-connect with this nation and these great leaders!

Dick, Arlene as well as several other key leaders said they want to invite me to come back to their nation to continue what was started this past week!

Summer MMI Report



June 13 th

National Council Meeting for the United States Council of Apostolic leaders

On this day, we had our third annual council meeting with about 50 significant leaders from both the church and marketplace. These individuals play an integral part in helping to move our national coalition forward.
The council heard from myself, and other leaders including Bishop Harry Jackson, Bishop Bart Pierce, Dr. Jim Garlow, USCAL attorney Joe Infranco of ADF, Steve Fedesky, the COO of Pure Flix, and from Chad Connely who is the faith based director for the RNC.
We also had a powerful time of prayer for the nation.

Tuesday, Wednesday June ,14,15

The Bridge Summit

This was the first stand alone national convention of USCAL hosted by Bishop Dale Bronner in Word of Faith Family Worship Cathedral, Atlanta, GA; this was the most impactful gathering of which I was ever a part.
We had about 200 leaders participate in this invitation only event. It was the most diverse event I have experienced for the following reasons:
-About 70 of the leaders were under 40 yrs old
– it was a mix of marketplace and church leaders
– there was amazing ethnic diversity as about half of the attendees were people of color
– there was great depth in the Word as well as a powerful move of the Spirit through revival, worship, the prophetic and prayer.
There were too many highlights to mention!
Some of the speakers besides myself included Dale Bronner, Bart Pierce, David Nolan, Steve Fedesky, Franklin Santagate, Harry Jackson, Jim Garlow, Kristina Hosch, as well as many Millennial leaders who participated in panel discussions and presentations.

It was an extraordinary beginning for USCAL and gave us great momentum for the future.
For more info about USCAL and to view and or listen to the sessions go to www.uscal.us

Thursday June 23rd

ICEC convention led by Bishop Harry Jackson

On this day I taught dozens of leaders on ” The Generational Kingdom.” God gave me great liberty to teach and encourage the people!
(This teaching was based on my book ” Walk In Generational Blessings)


The global release of my latest book ” Understanding The Wineskin Of The Kingdom”

I am very excited that I have been able to release another quality book that will give practical insight regarding the application of the Gospel to culture.

This mini book is based on the essence of a seminar I have been doing all over the world for the past four years that has had an enormous affect on church and marketplace leaders (even on many theologians and scholars).
It is simple, to the point, and gives the reader a Wineskin that enables them to understand the overarching narrative of God in the bible.
Readers will be able to understand the intersection and relationship between the first and second testament, how law and grace function together, the proper role of revival and reformation, and how activism and piety flow together as one.

To order your kindle or printed version – go to www.josephmattera.org


August 14th: Family Church in New Rochelle

This church, led by my dear friend and fellow CCC and USCAL council member, Bishop Rayford Mott.

On this Sunday morning I preached on ” Understanding Strategic Kingdom Warfare”: Based upon 2 Corinthians 10:3-5, Ephesians 6:10-12, Daniel chapters 9,10; God gave me a prophetic teaching for this church explaining how we can effectively deal with principalities and powers over cities using the message of the Kingdom of God. The hundreds of people present were substantially impacted and Bishop said he wants me to come back and continue this teaching.

August 21st; New Beginnings Christian Church, CT

Led by my close friend and fellow CCC council member, Pastor Robert Cassara, this thriving church has been like a second home to me since I helped them lay their foundation more then two decades ago. On this day, the Lord gave me a specific prophetic teaching entitled ” Understanding our purpose in Christ Jesus.”
I dealt with how scripture teaches how God gave us a purpose even before we were born and prepared a body for us that fit our calling.

God moved powerfully by His Spirit in both services with many dozens of people responding and coming to the front to recommit their life to Christ!

August 27- September 1st in Destin Florida region

Saturday Evening, August 27th in Destin United Methodist Church

This marks the first time in many years that I have taught in a mainline Protestant church. This is one of the largest and most influential churches in all of Destin. Led by a seasoned and wise leader, Pastor Barry Carpenter, this church has several locations and is doing much to reach their community.
On this night, I expounded on ” The Lord’s Prayer” and the people were greatly edified!

Sunday August 28th : Vision Church Destin

This is a church plant less then two months old and they already had about fifty people! Led by pastor Ned Marriman, this is a branch of Vision Church Santa Rosa founded by Bishop Bill Hamon and presently overseen by my friends Tom and Jane Hamon. God gave me a prophetic teaching on ” The Brevity Of Time ” we have on this earth and gave me great liberty to teach this sobering message, which was a good foundation stone for this new church.

Tuesday August 30th

I spoke to about thirty leaders at the Rocky Bayou School in Destin Florida led by my friend Dr. Michael Mosely. They have 850 children from pre K to high school and they are continuing to expand with another campus soon to open. They give young people a biblical worldview to frame all their learning. I am excited for the investment they are making for the next generation! I taught them for 30 minutes on the call of the Kingdom to raise godly families to fulfill the cultural mandate of Genesis 1:28.

Thursday noon September 1st
Business Empowering Network Meeting (Destin)
This Business Network was founded by my friend Mel Ponder while he was the mayor of Destin. He is soon to be the new senator of that whole region since this past week he won the republican primary and there is no Democrat running against him! Business Empowering has chapters in several cities (in the past two years I think I have spoken in each one of them). At this gathering in the Destin chapter,  I had a strong prophetic teaching anointing and taught for 45 minutes on ” The Negative Consequences of Separating the Gospel from the Kingdom.” There were about 50-60 key marketplace leaders in attendance, and there was a great response. Afterwards, we had about 15 minutes of group discussion as well as Q&A. The eyes of many leaders were opened regarding the importance of connecting the good news of Christ to His Kingdom, and I believe it will have long lasting results in this region and beyond! Also, I am very proud of my friend Mel Ponder and I believe his new position will elevate this whole movement he began a few years ago!

April / May MMI Report

The past two months have been replete with Kingdom activity! The following is my regular ministry report.

April 8th Transforum gathering

My dear friend Dennis Peacocke gathered about one hundred fifty leaders from North America together in Dallas to educate and collaborate regarding the creation of City Action Councils. These are councils that would merge church and marketplace leaders for the purpose of ministering holistically to their communities and cities.  I was one of the featured panelists along with Lance Wallnau, John Kelly, Paul Jehlie and Roberto Miranda. This was a great experience and a great networking opportunity for practitioners serious about transforming culture with the Gospel. I thank God for the vision Dennis Peacocke has to impact the world!

April 15th EQUIP SUMMIT New Rochelle NY

Organized by Christ Covenant Coalition and hosted by my fellow CCC council member, Bishop Ray Mott, this was a spectacular, invitation only, gathering for church and market place leaders. The theme was the restoration of the church to the way of Jesus and the apostles. The two keynote speakers were Jeff Reed, the president of BILD and the Antioch school and myself.

This all day gathering unpacked biblical principles of building churches and movements according to the apostolic New Testament pattern and had about 130-150 leaders.

At night, many of the leaders stayed and prayed together for three hours for New Rochelle and the greater NYC region as well as the nation. I would like to thank the E.D. of CCC, Kristina Hosch who organized the entire event with Bishop Mott.

May 12-14th New Awakening Leadership Conference, Clarkson Michigan

I spoke nightly to about twelve hundred people in the Great Mount Zion Church in Clarkson Michigan. Their pastor, Loren Covarrubias, was reading my books and articles and felt led to build a conference theme regarding the Kingdom of God, and invite me. Normally I do not accept invitations from ministries I do not know or have a mutual friend that recommends them but I felt the Holy Spirit tell me to take this invitation. I am glad I listened to God. This is one of the most balanced churches I have ever seen with great worship, arts, and teaching as well as amazing outreaches to their city and state.

Wednesday Night May 12th

On the opening night I preached on “The Church as an equipping station for the Kingdom” using Isaiah 2:1-4.

This material, taken from my latest book “The Wineskin of the Kingdom” was very important because this same passage is on their sanctuary wall as one of their purpose statements.

God gave me great liberty to teach and the receptivity of the congregation was truly amazing

Thursday May 13th

On this night I felt led to preach on “The Generational Kingdom”, based on the material from my book “Walk In Generational Blessing“. The response was overwhelming as every person went up to the altar after the message and waited upon the Lord, travailed in the spirit, and believed God to save their loved ones and children. After about thirty minutes of waiting on God in this powerful atmosphere of glory, people were edified and empowered to go and make disciples and pass their faith down to the next generation.

Friday May 14th

In the morning, I met with about one hundred fifty of the top leaders of this church of about three thousand members. I spoke for about thirty minutes on “the difference between unity and Oneness” and challenged the church leaders to work relationally hard at becoming one heart and one mind in order to release the power of God in their midst.

The closing night God gave me a word on how the whole bible is framed with the cultural mandate of Genesis 1:27, 28. I did not think anything could top what happened the night before but the clarity, anointing and authority of the Word was actually stronger on the last than all other nights! There was a very strong move of God in the prophetic preaching and afterwards the Pastor came up and commissioned the more than one thousand people who responded to the message, to go and influence the realms of society to which they are assigned.

May 29th, 30th, Columbus Ohio, The Bridge Church

On Memorial Day weekend I had the blessing of spending a few days with my dear friend Pastor Lenny Weston. Lenny leads a great church near the Columbus city area and is one of several key leaders and elders in our home church that we sent out of our congregation many years ago.

On Sunday morning, I preached on “The Prayer of a Sent One” based on John 17. God enabled me to teach with clarity and lay down foundational apostolic principles all believers need to understand to fulfill their purpose in Christ. These principles center on the concept of “being sent”. Most people “just went” but only a few “are sent” with the training and blessing of their home church.

On Sunday evening, I taught for about forty-five minutes on “Eleven Principles Of Making Disciples”. Then we had Q and A for about fifteen minutes.  This teaching helped motivate the believers to have a disciple making culture within their local church.

The next evening, Memorial Day, I continued this teaching on having a disciple making culture in the church with practical steps on how to accomplish this.

I am grateful for friends like Lenny Weston, a man of great faith, integrity and power with God, who has been faithful to Him in ministry for almost forty years!

February/March 2016

February 2016

New Birth Baptist Church, Atlanta February 8-9th
On Sunday, I preached in the NBBC led by Bishop Eddie Long; there were at least 7-8 thousand or more people total attending both services. God gave me great liberty to teach on ” Six steps to Biblical Dominion” in the first service and the “Generational Kingdom” in the second service.

The next day, I met all afternoon with more then a dozen pastors connected to Bishop Long; we had a great time sharing on the state of today’s church and how we ought to function moving forward. Bishop Long is doing an outstanding work and ministering to his city and to many pastors all over the nation.

In spite of his past challenges, he has continued and is focusing on the basics of building the church, pouring into spiritual sons, and encouraging and training pastors all over the nation!

Business Empowerment Seminar February 27th in Destin Florida
Mel Ponder, the former mayor of Destin, invited me to come and I taught a few dozen church and marketplace leaders for about 5 hours on the wineskin of the Kingdom.
I connected with many wonderful leaders and had a great experience pouring into these great leaders!!
Vision Church February 28th
On this Sunday, I preached in Vision Church founded by Bishop Bill Hammon and currently overseen by pastors Tom and Jane Hammon. God gave me great liberty to teach on “Six Steps to Biblical Dominion” which has to do with proving how the Kingdom of God is built on marriage and family.


March 2016

Christian International / Thursday to Saturday March 3-5th
For three days, I trained the students of CI on the wineskin of the Kingdom. We had an amazing time of sharing and pouring into several dozen students and staff of CI.
On Friday night, I ministered to several hundred people on ” The Generational Kingdom.”
Many responded to the altar call for a generational anointing and there was a great impartation that will change the destinies of families. Many came up to me later and said that the message was much needed and definitely from the Lord!!
Bishop Hammon as well as pastors Tom, Jane and Tim Hammon are doing an outstanding job in the earth for His kingdom!

South Africa March 9-15
Wednesday March 9th
This conference had about 2500 leaders from more then 40 nations and was organized by Gate ministries, which is overseen by my friend Thamo Naidoo. This was an outstanding conference, focusing on the Father/son wineskin of the apostolic church.
Other speakers included, Thamo Naidoo, Dr Segie Govendar, Dr Sam Soleyn and John Alley. All the speakers expressed and imparted a different grace gift to the Body of Christ and were highly anointed!
On Wednesday, I taught on the 4 R Vision: Restoration of the church, Reconciliation amongst ethnic leaders and movements, Revival and Reformation of society. God gave me great liberty to share through the eyes of church history, and how the present apostolic reformation is the only expression of the contemporary church that has it’s roots in the first century church model.

Thursday, I taught the night session on ” Comparing the Apostolic Wineskin from Contemporary Denomination, Para-Church and Evangelical Church Models.”
God gave me great liberty to teach and help show the fatal flaws in many of the models today in evangelical and denominational circles.

Friday morning, I taught on ” The Generational Kingdom”.  God anointed me with great clarity and authority; the word went forth like a knife, with such precision, and cut through the hearts of all-present. At the end of the one-hour teaching, everybody stood up to praise God and all my ” Walk in Generational Blessing” books immediately sold out.  There was great frustration and disappointment in the conference because everybody wanted a book and I only brought about 50. All of the 450 books I brought with me were sold out, and we are now praying about a way to print the books in Africa so I do not have to worry about carrying them on a plane when I come.

On Sunday, March 13th, I preached in the church overseen by Dr Segie Govendor.
He has an amazing local church that is an equipping and sending church that has planted dozens of churches! Dr Segie also meets twice per week with about three hundred pastors as they have the greatest “City Church” model I have ever witnessed!

Tuesday, March 15th, I taught about five hundred leaders on “The Cultural Mandate” in which I demonstrate how Genesis 1:28 is the foundational covenant to understand all covenants and to understand all other passages and covenants, including the New Covenant. God gave me a clear and concise teaching grace to impart these truths and opened many new doors for ministry.

This trip was one of the most fruitful I have ever taken, and God has given me a clear assignment to partner with great apostolic fathers such as Thamo and Segie.

Many kingdom connections were made, including one with the leader of the South African policy council. I was also able to connect with the leader and founder of the only Christian conservative political party in congress who read one of my books a few years ago and came to the convention just to make a connection with me.
One prominent theologian in Durban said it was the greatest day in his life when he was at our session, and the next day he made a covenant with Dr Segie and officially joined his ABC network. Another person who leads the policy council said the message I preached in Johanasberg was the most important message he ever heard in his life.
I thank God for the grace and privilege of partnering with such amazing leaders for His Kingdom in South Africa!

Love of Jesus Family Church , Orange NJ Sunday March 20th
On Sunday night, I preached at the LOJ family church led by pastor Jason Alvarez.
The Lord laid upon my heart to teach this great church about their call to be an equipping center based on Ephesians 4:11,12. The Lord gave great clarity in the presentation and the pastor asked me to end the message by praying an impartation upon the church to go forth and influence their communities for the Lord Jesus Christ.
I thank God for the privilege of ministering in that great church that has been a beacon of hope to that at-risk city for more then three decades. Pastor Jason is an incredible entrepreneur with an apostolic gift and has been a blessing to me and to the Body of Christ!


November 2015

MMI Ministry Report

It has been a very busy and exciting month to be in the Master’s service!

Monday November 2: Futures Alliance Call

On this day we had our monthly conference call with some of the top young leaders in the nation. Bishop Dale Bronner taught a phenomenal lesson on how to understand our trajectory.
Incredible feedback and questions followed, I thank God for the great global leadership assignment my dear friend Dale Bronner has to equip His church!

Fridayand Saturday November 6-7

I flew into Dallas to be with about fifty high level political and business leaders who interacted with one of the presidential candidates. In addition to this wonderfully informative meeting, we met with about 15-20 very high level millennial leaders to explore the possibility of reaching young people together for the advance of the kingdom of God.

Monday November 9

ICAL International ambassadors and conveners Gathering

On this day I was at an important meeting with top leaders from dozens of nations who lead apostolic coalitions connected to the International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders (ICAL), led by John Kelly.

US CAL National Council meeting

This is the annual national council meeting I convene every November the night before the ICAL conference. We had about 45 high level apostolic leaders in the church and marketplace, with either national or regional influence as we shared and prayed together and planned the future of the United States Coalition of Apostolic Leaders. It was ended with a great time of anointed prayer for our nation and coalition.

Tuesday November 10-12: ICAL Conference

This annual event is perhaps the highlight of the year for me as I reconnect with hundreds of apostolic leaders and hear what God is doing and saying from every continent of the globe.

Thursday November 12

On this day in the afternoon I taught a plenary session on the “wineskin of the kingdom”.
God gave me great liberty to explain how the first and second testaments connect the message of the kingdom together with the life and teachings of Jesus. After the conference the Lord laid it upon my heart to write a book about this teaching which I was able to do in two days! By 2016 it will come forth!

Friday-Sunday November 27-29

Costa Rica Apostolic Conference

I flew into Costa Rica with my lovely wife Joyce, to conduct three days of training for about 400-500 apostolic leaders and pastors from all over Latin America. This conference was in San Jose in the church overseen by Apostle Rony Chavez, who is a powerful and influential apostle/prophet with a network of three thousand churches in Latin America. Other keynote speakers at this conference were Kevin Leal and Dionny Baez. I did not get to hear Dionny, but God used Kevin Leal in an extraordinary way to inspire and equip a new generation of leaders.

The Lord laid upon my heart to teach on passing our faith down and expanding the kingdom through marriage and families. I did not know it before I came, but this fit exactly the theme of the meetings which was on “Legacy”.

After I taught on Saturday there was a powerful, intense and prolonged prayer response as almost every leader came to the front and prayed for their spiritual and biological children for about an hour. It was one of the most intense altar calls I have ever witnessed as the presence of God fell strongly.

The next day, before I taught apostle Rony told the church that he was not able to sleep all night as he was thinking and praying about my teaching on generations.

I thank God for the privilege of being able to inspire and equip hundreds of leaders from all over Latin America!!

October 2015

MMI Ministry Report

October was an extremely busy and productive month!
Note: (In these reports I do not include the times I am preaching at my home church, Resurrection Church, which is about twice per month on Sundays.)

October 2: CoiCom Santa Domingo DR

On Friday October 2nd  I ministered to hundreds of pastors and leaders from all over Latin America in the CoiCom convention.
CoiCom is known as the largest leadership conference in all of Latin America, the president is my friend Arnold Enns. One of the main reasons I am committed to speaking in CoiCom events is not only because it reaches so many pastors, but because they also sponsor many poor pastors who have very little resources for education.

In the afternoon I taught for almost two hours on ” the wineskin of the kingdom”. And at evening I did the plenary session and taught on “emotional and spiritual maturity in light of the ten Commandments”. God moved powerfully as we dealt with covetousness, priorities, passion, false doctrine, and other issues these commandments instruct us on. At the end there was a powerful altar call filled with hundreds of pastors who wanted to consecrate their lives to living a life of inward holiness and passion for God.

October 17: Breath of Life Conference 

Prophetic leader Jim Jorgenson organized a prophetic/apostolic conference and more than one hundred leaders showed up from all over the East Coast. At this conference I taught on “the ten commandments for leadership”. God gave me great liberty to teach and edify those present.

October 18: New Beginnings Community Church Darien CT

I was happy to preach in this great church led by Pastor Rob Cassara, my longtime friend and partner in the gospel. God gave me a very heavy message for that church and I preached in both their services on “knowing God”. The altar was filled with hundreds coming forward to commit to living a life of seeking and knowing God! What a powerful time with them.

October 19: Futures Alliance Teleconference call 

I facilitated a Futures Alliance conference call with about 23 top level young leaders and the guest teacher was Dr Sam Chand who had amazing insight as he taught them from his new book “Leadership Pain“. All the young leaders were greatly encouraged by this call!

October 26: Freeport Bible Center Leadership Conference 

Apostle Luis Vargas oversees this great church along with a large network of churches from all over Latin America. There were hundreds of leaders from his church and network present as I preached the same message God was giving me in other places this month “the ten Commandments and spiritual and emotional maturity”. God moved powerfully and almost every person responded to the altar to rededicate themselves back to living a life of holiness and sincerity before the Lord.

October 28: World Changers Leadership Summit , Chicago 

Apostle Matthew Stevenson is one of the great young leaders in this country, at the age of 30 he already has a thriving church as well as a network of about 75 pastors from all over this nation. He asked me to spend a few hours sharing with these pastors and I taught on “the prayer of one sent” from John 17. I was burdened in much prayer before this session and God gave me a great breakthrough in the spirit before I taught. This was evident as there was much light and clarity that came forth in the teaching which was greatly received! After the teaching we had another hour of Q and A which went very well.

I thank God He gave me the privilege of pouring into these young leaders!!

September 2015

MMI Ministry Report

September was a very busy and productive month for me!

Besides preaching several times in my home church (Resurrection Church) there was plenty of extra local ministry.

September 8-10 Kingdom Power and Glory Conference Ft Lauderdale Florida

This conference hosted by Bishop Long, had approximately 300 church and marketplace leaders gather in the famous Diplomat Hotel and also featured other leaders such as New Zealand Pastor Brian Tamaki, Dr. Mark Chironna and more.

September 9

I spoke the morning plenary session on the kingdom of God using the “Lord’s Prayer” (Matthew 6:6-9) as my primary text. The Spirit of the Lord gave me great liberty to preach and teach and the leaders received the word.

September 10

The Lord downloaded a message in my spirit during the morning worship and I taught spontaneously on the “Ten Commandments and spiritual and emotional maturity”.
I took each of the commandments and illustrated how they cannot be separated from emotional growth and maturity. How each command is a progressive journey in our lives starting with the first command which has to do with our priorities in life.

The response of the leadership was very favorable as one Bishop told me a few weeks later that the leaders are still talking about it, that the leaders and churches were changed as a result!

September 14 The launch of the “Futures Alliance” 

God laid upon my heart the need to pour into high upside 20-40 year old church and marketplace leaders to perpetuate the kingdom of God into the next generation. The result was a creation of the “Futures Alliance”. Our purpose is to synergize multi-generational cultural influencers to depict the beauty of God for the renewal of all things. With just a few days’ notice, we had 19 futures leaders on our first teleconference call and presently have over 30 futures leaders that are hungry to connect and have older seasoned mentors that pour into them!

For our first call the COO of Pure Flix Steve Fedyski shared with the futures leaders regarding “Strategic Thinking”. Our next three calls will be with Dr. Sam Chand, Bishop Dale Bronner and Dr. Mark Chironna.
This alliance is also another component of the United States Coalition of Apostolic Leaders of which I serve as the national convener.

September 20 Kingdom Life Church 

On this Sunday I preached at Kingdom Life Church in New Jersey which is overseen by Pastor Spencer. God laid upon my heart to teach on “the prayer of one sent” based on John 17. God gave me a strong teaching anointing and this young church was edified with many biblical principles regarding corporate and individual purpose, unity and ones, and focus.

September 24 Apostolic Leadership Summit Toms River New Jersey 

This summit was organized and hosted by my dear friend Walter Healy the leader of Grace and Peace church. There were 25 key leaders and we met for five hours discussing the 4 R Vision of USCAL which is regarding the restoration of the church to the way of Jesus and the apostles; reconciliation between ethnic leaders and groups : revival and reformation of society.

Everyone thought the teachings and subsequent discussions were highly informative and inspirational, I heard from at least one young leader present that said he was greatly impacted, was lit on fire and now he has more hope for future.

What an honor and privilege to serve God and His people!

July and August 2015

MMI Ministry Report

It has been an amazing summer for me the past two months. The following are some of the extra local ministry highlights for MMI. 

July 17-18 Hamilton Canada

These two days I ministered on “understanding ten various dimensions of the Lord Jesus from the book of Hebrews”. The setting was “Eagle World Ministries” which is overseen by my friend apostle Russ Moyer. He hosts an eight week camp on his very large property which has a tent in which several hundred leaders converge for eight weeks of ministry during the months of July and August. This place is like a prophetic hotbed in this region of the world, as many key leaders come to minister and hundreds of leaders from all over Canada and beyond are refreshed and given new vision for their ministries. God gave me great liberty in teaching, and the Lord Jesus and His kingdom was lifted up and many received new insights on how to impact their world for Jesus! There was a strong presence of God after the preaching and I made a connection with many great leaders. I was asked to come back next year to this same camp to minister. 

July 19 Buffalo New York

On Sunday we drove from Hamilton to Buffalo New York and I preached in a local church under Eagle World Ministries on “principles of being sent” from the Lord Jesus Christ. This congregation had gone through a lot of changes and this message greatly edified them and gave them new vision for the work in their city. 

August 24-30 Destin Florida region

On Sunday August 24th I preached in Summit Church in Crestview Florida. Summit is overseen by Pastor Chris Mathis who is a young leader (32 years old) with outstanding apostolic anointing and fruit. The church already has about 400 people in only seven years, and they have already planted numerous churches and sent out several leaders to start other churches. Pastor Chris has also joined the United States Coalition of Apostolic leaders and I have asked him to help me with the “Futures Alliance” of USCAL which will have a focus on uniting and equipping accomplished leaders who are between the ages of 20 and 40 years old. 

August 27 Blue Mountain Beach area

On Wednesday I began a series of three-day luncheons for high-level market place leaders by an organization called “Business Empowerment” by the mayor of Destin, Mel Ponder.

On this day I taught about 50 high level leaders on the “meta-narrative of the Bible” from Ephesians 1:9-11.These passages summarize the purpose of God, which is to bring all things both in heaven and earth, under the lordship of Jesus Christ.

The leaders were very excited by the message as it shows that God has a plan for the marketplace not just the local church, because it will take both to manifest His kingdom on the earth. 


In Destin I ministered to about 50-70 high-level leaders on the “structure of the kingdom” found in Micah 4:1-4. These passages show that God’s view of transformation involves the nations coming to learn the law of God, so they can know the ways of God. This should be the ultimate goal and ideal of transforming culture with the word of God.

God moved greatly and the leaders were greatly inspired and wanted to hear more on the kingdom of God.

Fort Walton

In this “Business Empowerment “ luncheon I taught about the definition of the Kingdom of God, and how God has called every saint to be His representative to the realm of society they are assigned to. This was the greatest of the three meetings and had many prominent, influential leaders involved in business and politics.

All wanted to know and understand more, so we announced that I am coming back to do an all-day seminar the last Saturday of February 2016.

I want to thank Mayor Mel Ponder for all his hard work and for being a great bridge builder who is gathering key people from many different cities of Florida. God has great plans for him! 

August 30 Vision Church Santa Anna Florida

On this Sunday I had the privilege of teaching about 500 people in Vision church, which is the mother church of “Christian International”, overseen by Bishop Bill Hamon. This church is overseen by Bill’s son and daughter in law, Tom and Jane Hamon, who both have outstanding prophetic and apostolic callings to the body of Christ.

On this day I taught from John 17 on the theme “The Prayer of One Sent”.

God gave me great liberty to teach and Tom and Jane asked me to come back next year in March to train their students for a three-day conference on the Kingdom of God and culture.

I am so excited that I am able to invest my time into this church and ministry that has had an amazing track record of equipping the saints and launching apostolic and prophetic movement, that has helped alter the state of the church worldwide the past several decades!

May and June 2015

MMI Ministry Report

May and June 2015 

We had a very product past two months! I thank God for the privilege He has given me to represent Him for His kingdom in many places and to many leaders of His church! 


On Friday May 1st I was the morning keynote speaker for Impact Connecticut, an annual leadership conference facilitated by Pastor Rick McKinniss.

At this event there were approximately 150 pastors and leaders from the New England region. I taught on the 4 R Vision of USCAL regarding the restoration of the church, reconciliation between leaders and movements, revival of the church and reformation of society. God gave me great liberty to teach for about one hour. I dealt with how the apostolic movement of today is similar in its scope and methodology to the way of Jesus and the apostles of the first century church, and taught how the gospel should not only result in reviving the church but also renewing society and restoring humanity back to the original intent and purpose of God. I received great feedback with many young pastors coming up to me and thanking me for helping them see the big picture of the kingdom.

Seismic Shift Delaware May 6th

Apostolic leader and USCAL council member David Carey organized this one-day event for church and marketplace leaders. Lance Wallnau and myself were the primary speakers of the day. Both of us taught on the church’s call to reach the mountains of culture and how the kingdom of God should be the focus of the church. God moved powerfully through the teachings and the approximately 150 leaders present were greatly blessed! Also, many kingdom connections were made through this event. Pastor Carey has an amazing church and great apostolic call to all of Delaware!

Puerto Rico June 1-8 

Puerto Rican Coalition of Apostolic Leaders June 2-3

On Tuesday and Wednesday I and Apostle John Kelly conducted a private two-day meeting with about 50 apostolic leaders in Puerto Rico. We both focused on getting the church from a religious to a kingdom mindset, and dealt with how the church is called to affect change in the surrounding culture. I taught several sessions on the structure of the kingdom of God, as well as some other subjects. At the end of the sessions the pastors and leaders were all very challenged and wanted us to come back to conduct more extensive teachings and help change the paradigm of church leadership for the whole island!

The Family Church in Ponce June 5-7

Friday to Sunday I ministered in The Family Church, a large congregation of about 2,000 attendees led by Apostle Angel Esteban. This is an outstanding church that functions as an apostolic center to the whole city!

Friday night I taught on the role of church leadership as found in 1 Timothy 3:1-8; 3:15. Saturday I ministered to about 40 key leaders from around the city on the Kingdom of God. Sunday morning I taught on the Lord’s Prayer in both services. God moved powerfully in each of the teachings and many hundreds responded and came up for prayer!

USCAL Council Meeting June 16th at Skyline Church in San Diego

On Tuesday June 16th I met with about 30 of the national council leaders for USCAL. We had a seven-hour meeting with presentations from leaders like Bishop Dale Bronner, Dr. Lance Wallnau, Bishop Harry Jackson, Dr. Jim Garlow, Dennis Peacocke, Dr. Mike Brown, Kristina Hosch, Pastor Larry Bizette and more! God showed up and filled the room with a great sense of His presence and purpose for this coalition, which gave the leadership great momentum! My thanks to Pastor Jim Garlow for hosting us at Skyline Church and for having many of the council members minister at the Future Conference (including my two sons Justin and Jason, and Jason’s wife Kendra).

Future Conference June 17th

I had the joy of being one of the keynote speakers on Wednesday morning at this great conference that was organized by Jim Garlow. I spoke 40 minutes on “How America Exchanged God for gods” which deals with how our nation has forsaken the biblical worldview in many mountains of culture.

Love Joy Church Buffalo NY June 28th

On Sunday June 28th I preached at Love Joy Church with Pastor Ron Burgio as the lead pastor. This is a great church that reaches hundreds of people in their city. Pastor Ron also served as the president of Elim Fellowship for about eight years until this past spring. Elim is a network of almost 100 churches!

God gave me a word to teach for the church on John 17, which I called “The Prayer of a Sent One”. God gave me great liberty to preach and teach and there was a strong sense of commissioning the people in the church to be sent by God to their city and nation!

USCAL Apostolic Leadership Summit June 29th 

The next day on Monday I met with about 20 key apostolic leaders in Love Joy Church as organized by fellow USCAL council members Ron Burgio and Ron Domina. Also in attendance were national leaders Bishop Tommy Reid and Rev. William Gillison. We had an amazing and robust dialogue for several hours on the application of the 4 R Vision (Restoration of the church, Reconciliation, Revival and Reformation) and how it relates to church and cultural trends today.

I thank God that USCAL is enabling me to meet and befriend outstanding leaders from across this great nation!