Part I

As somebody who has been preaching and teaching the gospel since 1978, I have seen the “good, the bad and the ugly” when it comes to presenting the Gospel of Christ. (Both in others and myself). After being saved for only about six months, I started preaching on the NYC subways, then on the Staten Island ferry to thousands of people several nights per week. Hence, I learned how to communicate and preach the gospel by real life interaction with people. I have never formally studied homiletics (the science of preaching) but learned from observing my pastor (Ben Crandall-who was an outstanding preacher and teacher) and from experience. I also read books on homiletics and the art of communication.  Read more

The Blessings of Walking in Honor in your Life

As I was fasting and praying while doing a conference in Argentina, the Lord began to drop this teaching in my spirit on honor. Several years ago, I was in a conference and I heard a pastor say that understanding this concept revolutionized his life and ministry. Immediately, I knew I was supposed to delve into this as well. As of the writing of this article, I have not yet read or listened to any teachings on this subject; thus, any overlap with other teachings is due to having the same Holy Spirit teaching us.

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Ten Contrasts between Entertainers and Leaders

There is a great tendency in human nature to crave the affirmation of other human beings. With some people, their need for affirmation is so great it hinders their ability to discern between the will of God and the will of man. What is more alarming is the fact that those who lead churches and Christian organizations are not exempt from this tendency.

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7 Contrasts Between Titular And Functional Leadership

Through the years, I have observed various types of leadership styles as well as how people operate within the flow of leadership titles; In this article, I use the word titular, to refer to a person who tries to lead primarily on the merit of their title and or official position. When I use the term functional, I am referring to a person who earns the respect of their peers and subordinates through their effectiveness and relational capital.

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7 Power Principles of John The Baptist

John the Baptist has always been one of the most intriguing men in all of human history. He was an outlier, living outside of conventional norms and was cited by Jesus as the greatest man ever born (Matthew 11:11).  Since Jesus gave John such an amazing endorsement, we need to learn as much as we can from his life.

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Thirty+ Years, Thirty+ Leadership Lessons

Originally published in July 2011

Over thirty years ago my wife Joyce and I traveled to the Soviet Union for six weeks on a three-city missionary tour. This began a three month process culminating in our official launch into full-time church ministry in November 1980.

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10 Reasons for Pollution in The Pulpit Today

I was recently with a friend of mine (whom I will leave nameless for obvious reasons) who said that the reason his city is in such a mess is because “the pulpits are polluted”! When he said this, I immediately began to think and pray about the implications and reasons for this strong statement. Upon reflection, I found his statement to be true based on conversations I have had with numerous leaders across the globe.

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