The Christian Influence behind the Declaration of Independence


The Declaration of Independence, which is the foundation of our nation’s Constitution, is so imbued with a biblical worldview that it would be controversial to read it aloud in many public schools, as well as other venues, because of the current secular movement towards removing Christianity from the public square!

My prayer is that leaders will use this teaching to remind their congregations, as well as friends and families, as to the Christian influence of our nation’s founding!

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Why Political Activism in the Pulpit is Part of the Gospel of the Kingdom

Since the fall of man there has been a conflict/competition between the humanistic governmental state and the Kingdom of God. At the onset of our creation, humans were commanded to bring God’s kingdom culture to every realm of society (Genesis 1:28). Satan constructed alternate societies built upon human pride and autonomy. Genesis 4:17 shows that Cain built a city after he ran from God, which became the prototype for the Tower of Babel and other man-centered cultures and empires like Babylon, Greece , Rome, etc.

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Why Politics Crucified Jesus

During this election season, most have bought into the erroneous idea that society should be run purely from a secular mindset. This is a far cry from before 1954 when federal laws were changed by the Johnson amendment, which essentially made it illegal for churches to endorse political candidates under the threat of losing their 501(c)3 tax-exempt status (although the U.S. Constitution already guarantees tax-exempt status for churches, with or without the 501(c)3).

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The Ominous Trend towards a Human or Humanoid Hybrid Culture

As in most significant epochs in history (Luke 19:44), most people today are unaware that society has already crossed the most important threshold in over 100 years, since the advent of the airplane. The signs are already here.

Of course, what I am speaking of (based on the title) is the nature, essence and significance of humanity versus non-living machinations of humanity (the human/robot or humanoid narrative). What was mere science fiction a few years ago has already arrived. There are already numerous robot expos in several places of the world, as well as more and more science fiction movies depicting robot-human relations.

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We Will All Appear before the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court is made up of nine unelected justices who are appointed by the President of the United States and confirmed by the U.S. Senate. Once confirmed, they serve for life. These justices have been making so many landmark decisions the past several decades that many are saying our nation is no longer a republican democracy but rather an oligarchy (a nation run by a team or committee of people).

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When we think of the word “Judgment” we conjure up images of God raining down fire upon Sodom (Genesis 19) or bringing a flood upon the earth (Genesis 6-8). However, Scripture teaches much more subtle and gradual forms of judgment that can take generations to complete; Part of the reason is because God gives people a chance to repent by not bringing sudden judgment and the other reason is simply God allowing people to destroy themselves by their own disobedience.

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14 Reasons Why America is on The Brink

It is obvious that the USA is on the brink of a serious decline or even de-construction. If things don’t change, the America we know and love today will be much different in the next ten years. In regards to this article, the first few points serve as the primary cause for the other points. The following are fourteen reasons why America is on the brink.

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