The past two months have been replete with Kingdom activity! The following is my regular ministry report.

April 8th Transforum gathering

My dear friend Dennis Peacocke gathered about one hundred fifty leaders from North America together in Dallas to educate and collaborate regarding the creation of City Action Councils. These are councils that would merge church and marketplace leaders for the purpose of ministering holistically to their communities and cities.  I was one of the featured panelists along with Lance Wallnau, John Kelly, Paul Jehlie and Roberto Miranda. This was a great experience and a great networking opportunity for practitioners serious about transforming culture with the Gospel. I thank God for the vision Dennis Peacocke has to impact the world!

April 15th EQUIP SUMMIT New Rochelle NY

Organized by Christ Covenant Coalition and hosted by my fellow CCC council member, Bishop Ray Mott, this was a spectacular, invitation only, gathering for church and market place leaders. The theme was the restoration of the church to the way of Jesus and the apostles. The two keynote speakers were Jeff Reed, the president of BILD and the Antioch school and myself.

This all day gathering unpacked biblical principles of building churches and movements according to the apostolic New Testament pattern and had about 130-150 leaders.

At night, many of the leaders stayed and prayed together for three hours for New Rochelle and the greater NYC region as well as the nation. I would like to thank the E.D. of CCC, Kristina Hosch who organized the entire event with Bishop Mott.

May 12-14th New Awakening Leadership Conference, Clarkson Michigan

I spoke nightly to about twelve hundred people in the Great Mount Zion Church in Clarkson Michigan. Their pastor, Loren Covarrubias, was reading my books and articles and felt led to build a conference theme regarding the Kingdom of God, and invite me. Normally I do not accept invitations from ministries I do not know or have a mutual friend that recommends them but I felt the Holy Spirit tell me to take this invitation. I am glad I listened to God. This is one of the most balanced churches I have ever seen with great worship, arts, and teaching as well as amazing outreaches to their city and state.

Wednesday Night May 12th

On the opening night I preached on “The Church as an equipping station for the Kingdom” using Isaiah 2:1-4.

This material, taken from my latest book “The Wineskin of the Kingdom” was very important because this same passage is on their sanctuary wall as one of their purpose statements.

God gave me great liberty to teach and the receptivity of the congregation was truly amazing

Thursday May 13th

On this night I felt led to preach on “The Generational Kingdom”, based on the material from my book “Walk In Generational Blessing“. The response was overwhelming as every person went up to the altar after the message and waited upon the Lord, travailed in the spirit, and believed God to save their loved ones and children. After about thirty minutes of waiting on God in this powerful atmosphere of glory, people were edified and empowered to go and make disciples and pass their faith down to the next generation.

Friday May 14th

In the morning, I met with about one hundred fifty of the top leaders of this church of about three thousand members. I spoke for about thirty minutes on “the difference between unity and Oneness” and challenged the church leaders to work relationally hard at becoming one heart and one mind in order to release the power of God in their midst.

The closing night God gave me a word on how the whole bible is framed with the cultural mandate of Genesis 1:27, 28. I did not think anything could top what happened the night before but the clarity, anointing and authority of the Word was actually stronger on the last than all other nights! There was a very strong move of God in the prophetic preaching and afterwards the Pastor came up and commissioned the more than one thousand people who responded to the message, to go and influence the realms of society to which they are assigned.

May 29th, 30th, Columbus Ohio, The Bridge Church

On Memorial Day weekend I had the blessing of spending a few days with my dear friend Pastor Lenny Weston. Lenny leads a great church near the Columbus city area and is one of several key leaders and elders in our home church that we sent out of our congregation many years ago.

On Sunday morning, I preached on “The Prayer of a Sent One” based on John 17. God enabled me to teach with clarity and lay down foundational apostolic principles all believers need to understand to fulfill their purpose in Christ. These principles center on the concept of “being sent”. Most people “just went” but only a few “are sent” with the training and blessing of their home church.

On Sunday evening, I taught for about forty-five minutes on “Eleven Principles Of Making Disciples”. Then we had Q and A for about fifteen minutes.  This teaching helped motivate the believers to have a disciple making culture within their local church.

The next evening, Memorial Day, I continued this teaching on having a disciple making culture in the church with practical steps on how to accomplish this.

I am grateful for friends like Lenny Weston, a man of great faith, integrity and power with God, who has been faithful to Him in ministry for almost forty years!