Joseph Mattera

Joseph Mattera is an internationally known author, futurist, interpreter of culture and activist/theologian whose mission is to influence leaders who influence nations. He founded Resurrection Church of New York in 1985, out of which many leaders were sent out into the church and marketplace. Their extensive holistic work also helped bring a dramatic quality of life change in their at risk community of about 180 thousand in Brooklyn, New York. In 1999 Joseph founded a network of churches called Christ Covenant Coalition and in 2003 founded City Action Coalition which represented thousands of churches and helped lead many initiatives that involved numerous press conferences, and rallies with thousands of people in several cities in the Tri-State region. Through the years he has had extensive ministry in dozens of nations representing every continent of the world. He recently founded "The United States Coalition of Apostolic Leaders" which already has approximately three hundred significant leaders as members. Joseph has a Doctor of Ministry degree from Bakke Graduate University and is the author of seven books including four theological books on the Kingdom of God, as well as a blog on Charisma magazine called "The Pulse". He also writes extensively with weekly teachings that go to thousands of leaders in more than 130 nations and his work has been shown on numerous mainstream media news outlets. To order one of his books or to subscribe to his weekly newsletter go to


“Dr. Joseph Mattera is a unique voice in the Kingdom of God. He is firmly planted as an invaluable resource to those in the ministry as well as those in the marketplace. His keen insights into all things Kingdom will make you think, challenge your life, and motivate you to break all limits. Invite Dr. Mattera into your life and world—you’ll never regret it.”

Dr. Samuel R. Chand

"Joseph Mattera's articles are always a blessing to me. Most of them I print out for filing, and for preaching purposes also. Joseph's articles 'feed me.' They are 'feeders for leaders.' His articles are sound, sane, sensible and balanced in their approach. A wonderful blessing to the Body of Christ in these days of so many extremes! Sorry Australia is so far away!"

Kevin J. Conner
Melbourne, Australia

“It takes a clear mind and excellent wordsmithing to communicate powerful revelation and wisdom from God. Few men or women can do this like Joseph Mattera. I have a special file on my computer called Mattera where I put all his writings. He is not only biblically correct but spiritually accurate for such a time as this.”

Dr. Ed Delph

“I am a regular at Why? Because there are no leftover subjects being microwaved on this website! Bishop Mattera always offers a fresh, new perspective on the contemporary issues that dominate our headlines. I suggest you make Joseph Mattera a regular part of your informational and inspirational diet.”

Mark Pfeifer
Mark and Nicki Pfeifer Ministries

"Joe Mattera is one of those rare leaders who possess the qualities of an innovator, an entrepreneur and a visionary combined into one. He knows how to take a project from infancy into a vibrant network spanning a rather huge organizational unit. His integrity is impeccable and his ability to teach his ideas and skills to others is remarkable. In addition, his Christian faith and character is contagious."

Pastor Bob Phillips
Encourager Church
Houston, Texas

“Dr. Joe Mattera’s leadership teachings are a refreshing read for me. After being in full-time ministry for 35 years, my appetite for something real, something fresh, and something challenging is very important. I’ve heard a lot of teaching on the subject of leadership, and I must say that I enjoy reading Joe’s articles. Not only are they very interesting, they are doctrinally sound. Because I’ve known Joe personally for many years, I trust his viewpoint and I preach from his teachings to my own leaders at my church. I highly recommend to both young and old—minister, businessman or leader—to tap into this deep, rich well of anointed, truthful and sound teaching to aid you in your leadership pursuits. You will be blessed by them.”

Bishop Bart Pierce
Rock City Church
Baltimore, MD

"Bishop Mattera's articles are always insightful, thought-provoking, profoundly relevant yet biblically sound. I look forward to reading them each week!"

Bishop Dale Bronner, D. Min.
Word of Faith Family Worship Cathedral
Atlanta, GA

This is a testimony of what the kingdom teachings of Bishop Joseph Mattera, published weekly in his website, has been doing in my life as a pastor, leader and an international speaker. First my ministry focus has changed, giving me the understanding that I am not only responsible for my local church and the apostolic network that I lead, but for the transformation of my community and cities. Secondly, the teachings have enlarged my worldview and has lead me to partner with world class leaders for the purpose of producing a new generation of extraordinary leaders. We call them, HOPE GENERATION. Third, these articles give me tools to continue to be a crusader agains the moral decay and the political correct agenda that is trying to take over our world. I guarantee you, your life, understanding, leadership and ministry will never be the same.

Carlos Luis Vargas
Apostle of Centro Biblico International Apostolic Network
Educational Director for City Action Coallition Int. and Senior Pastor Freeport Bible Center, N.Y.

Dr. Joseph Materra is a wise and anointed leader that has provided clear and practical biblical perspective and direction for leaders around the world. His weekly articles and books, provide inspired insights to maximize our Kingdom impact and to become catalysts for personal and cultural transformation.

Steve Fedyski
President and CEO of Pinnacle Forum

Mattera Ministries International website is a treasure trove of honest and keenly observant articles on matters of current significance to believers and especially leaders. Bishop Mattera is a clarion and learned voice connecting biblical analysis to life application. While all believers will profit from Bishop's insights, I especially urge leaders to tap into and apply his wise counsel to advancing the Kingdom of God individually and corporately.

Walt Healy
Apostolic Overseer at The Church of Grace and Peace

Dr. Joseph Mattera is a rare combination of gifted teacher, prophetic voice to the culture, and a tender heart for hurting people. I greatly appreciate and have personally benefitted from his teaching ministry.

Joseph P. Infranco
Senior Counsel and Vice-President of Alliance Coordination
Alliance Defending Freedom

Joseph Mattera is a present day apostolic teacher and theologian, whose profound revelations and prophetic insight identifies problems and provides solutions for today’s churches and ministers. Reading any of his teachings or insights will sharpen one’s knowledge and discernment. I recommend all of Joseph Mattera’s writings for every ministerial leader.

John P. Kelly, Doctor of Ministry
President of LEAD (Leadership Education for Apostolic Development) and
Convenor for ICA

I look forward with great anticipation Dr. Joseph Mattera's weekly newsletter as it has been a great source of information and teaching. Bishop Mattera's articles are well written, provocative, insightful and current. I have used them several times as resources for ministry and I have personally translated dozens of them into Spanish in order to make them available to the Hispanic Leadership in Latin America.

Dr. Hector P Torres
Hispanic International Ministries

Bishop Mattera writes with a brisk to the point style that challenges leaders in the church and community at large with sound biblical principles. His witting is a deep chest of wisdom and practical advice based on his many years of leadership at the local, national and international level. he has a way of taking the complicated and boiling it down to the essentials that can be employed in your local context. He is bold and does not shy away from up to date controversial issues of our day. Often he tackles subject well before others have a grasp on them. He keeps you on the cutting edge of what is happening in our society and the advancements in the Kingdom of God. It is always a good read with Bishop Mattera and well worth the time invested.

Gary Hartley
Senior Pastor Christ Fellowship

Bishop Joseph Mattera is a modern day theologian who is a leader of leaders. He understands how God intends to work in culture. His four books: Ruling the Gates, Kingdom Revolution, Kingdom Awakening and Walk In Generational Blessings are must a read for leaders who want to impact culture for generations to come. His website Mattera Ministries International is resourceful. It gives powerful insightful information to cross cultural and cross generational leaders around the world. It is cutting edge, applicable and useful for brining transformation to community, culture and country. I use it to sharpen myself and train my leaders to advance God's kingdom in the sacred and secular world.

Mullery Jean-Pierre
Pastor of Beraca Baptist Church in Brooklyn NY
Director of Converge Worldwide Haitian Ministries


  • Pastor Kevin Davis
    "I am a Pastor from Oudtshoorn, South Africa and I would like to thank you for your anointed book: Kingdom Revolution. I must say that that apart from the Bible, this is a book that has changed my life! I have purchased 10 copies and am now giving it to every ministry leader in our church and I am also going to give a copy to every minister on our fraternal, as it is a "life changer". All the book stores in South Africa do not not even have your books listed on their systems, but luckily we can order them through the internet. Thank you once again for sowing into my life. I am extremely grateful and thankful and continue to pray for you and for the expansion of your influence in Jesus Name!"
    Pastor Kevin Davis
  • Paulo Klingelfus
    "I believe that today begins a new era in the church of this city."
    Paulo Klingelfus / Maringá, Brazil
  • Pastor Valdiney
    " I am a pastor for 18 years in Maringá - Paraná, Brazil. My ministry has had a major impact, a radical change after listening to the teachings of Pastor Joseph Mattera."
    Pastor Valdiney / Maringá, Brazil
  • Simon Ssali
    "We are so grateful for all you are doing. Since you ministered in Uganda our mentality has changed. Thank you."
    Simon Ssali / Uganda
  • Rev. Shalom Muwanguzi Nyenje
    "We want thank and appreciate God for your ministry and your personal life and that of the entire staff for the mighty works that God is using you to do for us and the entire Kingdom of God. May the Lord God increase you abundantly with His Spirit of truth.Your ministry has been a blessing to us."
    Rev. Shalom Muwanguzi Nyenje / Uganda
  • Richard
    "You were a messenger from God to Rwanda. I am a student leader at ULK UNIVERSITY. Your material has been shared with 3000 students and I will forward it to quite a good number. Pray for the establishment of God's kingdom at this campus."
    Richard / Kigali
  • David Castro
    "I have been ministering and preaching on the Kingdom for 25 years. It is refreshing to hear you and others now saying and teaching this great revelation. Would love to some day meeting you and exchanging thoughts with you. May God continue to give you revelation. Blessings."
    David Castro