A Contemplative Rhyme During this Present Crisis

(This is a meditation based on Ephesians 1:3 during the current coronavirus outbreak) 

Unto you O Lord I will lift up my soul a
lest the stress of the day takes a toll
and precludes me from being whole

But I took a deep breath and began to recount b
His faithfulness that makes my heart stout

Yes, ever closer will I be
Lest I fall into the trap of the enemy

Though tossed to and fro by the waters
I cling to the horns of His altar c

And I’m reminded by the Spirit of the Lord d
The inspired words that make my faith strong e

That I have been blessed with every spiritual blessing in His heavenly place f
His profound peace always abounds through his amazing grace! g

Though the earth be unstable — my heart is able
To center in the One who gave the earth its birth h

Hence, I walk in heavenly places — which informs my earthly paces. i

By faith all can enter His rest — in spite of the insurmountable test! j

Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death k
I’m filled with the height and depth of His love l

I will live and not die m
Because I’m the apple of His eye n
Though I abide in the eye of the storm o

Though my flesh is subject to Chronos time p
My appointments are set by a Kairos divine q

Since my impulse does not emanate from social media
But from One who orchestrates His earthly theatre r

Though my earthly sojourn is not long s
I anticipate being among His heavenly throng t

During this journey He does exceedingly more than I think u
Since the price was paid by the blood of His Prince v

Through Him every dominion and authority met their defeat w
While His fullness was bequeathed to His body, x
who tread scorpions under their feet y

So be encouraged and do not fear z
Rejoice that the believer’s time of redemption draweth near aa

Biblical References
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