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6-Hyper Grace

Proponents of Hyper Grace teach that the moral law (found in the 10 Commandments) has no relevance in the New Testament Church era.  This leads to the heresy of Antinomianism (without law), which eradicates all biblical standards and ethics.  Consequently, its proponents can theoretically sin without fear since everything is based on grace without consideration for the moral law of God. (Some even teach that since Jesus died for all your past, present and future sins, you don’t even need to confess your sins because that is works and not grace, to which I would point them to 1 John 1:9).

Whenever a church only preaches the love and blessings of God in Christ without ever mentioning the need to repent and or the consequences of sin in the life of the believer, then there is a good chance that is a Hyper Grace church.

7-Hyper Zionism

Although I believe in the future restoration of all Israel (as found in Romans 11:26,27), I don’t base my life and ministry upon the political restoration of the nation of Israel. Hyper Zionist believers have a hyper dispensational view of bible Prophecy that renders the church as second-class citizens to people of biological Jewish origin. (Whether they are followers of Jesus the Messiah or not) Everything they preach and do revolves around political Israel.

As an example, I remember one time in a powerful city-wide prayer gathering, a national prophetic figure put cold water on a powerful meeting when he said that unless we minister to the Jew first, revival will not come to our churches and our regions. After that statement, the whole meeting died!

Although I believe in ministering to Jewish people and believe our nation should be a strong ally with political Israel, I also believe strongly in ministering to the Arab people, I do not center my whole ministry upon the restoration of the Jew. In spite of this, God has greatly blessed our church and ministry as He has thousands of other churches and leaders throughout church history who never focused their whole life and ministry in Jewish evangelism or the restoration of political Israel. Of course, God never blesses anti-Semitism, and He still has a special place in His heart for Jewish people and the land of Israel that I believe will one day be restored as a joy to the whole earth.

8- Hyper Deliverance

There are some leaders in the church who believe that the remedy for every ailment, both emotional and physical, is deliverance. By deliverance I mean the act of dispelling demons from a person’s life.

Although there is definitely a need for casting out demons as Jesus commanded (Mark 16:17), we need to discern when there is a need to pray for healing, when there is only a need for repentance from works of the flesh, and when the primary culprit is demonic in nature.

Some churches have gone so far off a deep end in deliverance that they actually hand out doggie bags to attendees so they can cough out demons during the service. People were taught to come every Sunday to have demons cast out of them instead of teaching them how to walk with God, stay filled with the Holy Spirit, and maintain their deliverance.

9- Hyper Prophetic

Although I believe and rely strongly on the prophetic, hearing God’s voice through another individual and or to your own spirit, I have seen extremes in this movement.

I have been to some church services in which there were more than a dozen people giving words, even though St Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians 14:29 that only two or at the most three prophets should speak in one service.

Today, many people even base their life’s direction and ministry upon prophetic words they receive from other leaders.

I tell people all the time, I don’t care how well known or accurate a prophet is, I will never obey a word unless God confirms it also to my spirit because all sons of God are led by the Spirit of God (Romans 8:14). This is not being disrespectful of the prophetic but it is being respectful of the Holy Spirit’s assignment to guide me into all truth. Of course, every prophetic word has to line up with Holy Scripture. (Some act as though prophetic words are on the same level as the bible, which is a huge error).

Finally, before any major decision is made after a prophecy always attempt to receive godly counsel from your spiritual leaders who may understand better how to interpret prophetic words and practically apply them in your life.

Remember, even the most accurate and well known prophets in the world can make a mistake which is why Paul teaches the church to judge every word given (1 Cor.14: 29; 1Thes.5: 20,21).

10- Pelagianism

Pelagianism is the view that Adam did not pass his sin down to his descendants;hence, the reformation understanding of original sin is false according to this view.

Pelagianism was first taught by a British Monk name Pelagius who lived between around 354-440 A.D. Pelagius’s teaching was condemned by the Council of Ephesus in 431 A.D. Proponents of this view teach that humans are born with the ability to live a sinless life although God’s grace assisted every good work.

This view runs contrary to both human experience (it is obvious that fleshly selfish tendencies are manifest in all humans at an early age) as well as sound biblical doctrine.

For example, the bible teaches us that in our flesh is no good thing (Romans 7:14-20), that we are by nature objects of His wrath (Ephesians 2:1,2), and that the human heart is wicked above all other things (Jeremiah 17:9).

Also, Romans 5:12 clearly states that after Adam died, all died. Adam as the federal head of the human race passed death to all his offspring through sin.

Finally, if Pelagianism is true and sin is not passed to offspring through the bloodline, then why did Jesus have to be born of a virgin? Also, if Pelagianism is true, then theoretically a human (other than Christ) can live a perfect life from birth without sin; hence, Jesus doesn’t have to be the savior of all men like scripture teaches us in 1 Tim 2:3,4. It’s proponents will have to admit, although Jesus is the Lord of all, He doesn’t necessarily have to be the savior of all which violates the whole New Testament.